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  1. From the views that I am getting I guess I seriously need to consider the Linea as well atleast test ride it. How is much is the Fuel Efficiency of the Linea Petrol and Diesel?
  2. I did consider Linea as well but am not sure about how it would perform in the long run as it has been introdiced recently. Also I am told that the spares for Linea are quite expensive even as compared to Ford. What about its FE (diesel)?
  3. I have been contemplating a new second car. I need it for my daily use where I cover around 60 odd kms. Since my first car is a Santro (which my wife uses and will continue to use) I want to buy a sedan. I have been going through various forums and discussions and had narrowed it down to the new Honda City or the Ford Fiesta Diesel but the recent price hike on the City and the ever persisting servcie issues with Ford have stalled my decision.My criteria for the new car are as follows and in that order: 1. Fuel Efficiency 2. Reliability 3. Driver Friendly 4. Low Maintenance 5. Good After Sales Service My budget can be stretched to about 9 lakhs+. I live in Pune and so if you can provide me with some information about the dealers and servcie centres in Pune - that would be helpful too.