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  1. Hi Sudeep/Anijog - thanks for bringing the vista in consideration. Now, based on the features, it is best to go for aura-saffire. Which would cost around 4L on road (compared to 3.5 on road for spark). So, what do you suggest to choose between the two? Indica has better space, spark has better finishing. I am not too sure about the engine of the two, and the mileage difference between the two. May be someone who drives or has experienced the 2 can help here. I have heard that the finishes for vista are cheap and are there are gaps in between panels as well. Please help!! It is becoming more of a confusion now :-)
  2. Hi all, Thanks for the useful suggestions... Anijog - I have heard that tata petrol cars do not give good fuel efficiency, and are not that reliable. Is that true? Also, what is the price range for this? Actually, I had not looked at tata cars because of above mentioned reasons.
  3. Hello sir, Thanks for the reply. However, I can not stretch my budget above 3.5Lakh (10K or so might be stretched for accessories etc). i10 Kappa has great reviews, and looks lovely, but for now, it seems out of budget for me.
  4. Hi all, I am a new learner on Indian roads. I have driven cars in U.S., but those are automatic and I am not that much familiar with the gears and clutch systems. However, I have joined a driving school here, and have been learning from last 4-5 days on Santro. Now, I have a budget of around 3.5 lakh, and I want to buy a new car (and not second hand). Based on my budget constraints, there were 3 finalists : wagon-r, santro and chevrolet spark. Based on features, my personal opinion is that Spark is a bit ahead of the other two. However, I am not that convinced about the space inside Spark. (remember, I have not had the test drive yet, since I am still learning to drive on indian roads). Please help me sorting out my queries below : 1) what is the difference between the space inside the 3 cars, especially the rear legroom and width. 2) is Spark a good bet, in comparision to the other two? 3) As I am learning on santro, would the gear system and clutch be very different in spark? Thanks in advance for all your wonderful replies!