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  1. Hello everyone Last time i had created a topic askin for help but it got deleted for some reason,so this is about my Swift VDi, and i had asked for help regarding my modifcations. Well i have recently upgraded my audio system to a pioneer woofer, one pioneer amp with a sony one .. and JBL speakers.. now further, i wish to change the lights...so can anyone tel me which are the latest ones in market..after this i guess i would be changing something with the performance, so what should i get for it... Thank you
  2. hey thnx 4 dat ..wel i alrdy got leather seats..bage color ..speakers too got jbl ..bt want somethin way powerful ..and somethin reali kool lookin ..if u help me wid some links online to search 4 some good ones ..nd yea ..i definitely am gonna 1stly change alloys and mayb spoiler nd tinted glasses
  3. Hey guys ... i am new to modification and stuff...bt doesnt mean m a bad driver ...know very well how 2 rip my accord. . Hee...neways .. accord is nt somethin i can modify...i wnna modify my swift.. its diesel ..VDi .. i cannot make a heavy investment at one shot ..so i want to upgrade my car slowly ..part by part...so i can even get to know my cars looks better ..and wad wld look better ...can u guys help me wid wat part i shld get 1st ..nd wad wld it cost ?? ..nd my 1st preferece is to looks and audio system ..rather than performance .. thnx alot