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    EnellaWex reacted to creativebala in Honda Jazz - 2014, the real Swift Beater.   
    Honda Jazz will get relaunched late this or early next year and fill in the void which it has left.
    Old Honda Jazz was the best hatch in its time(must say much ahead of its time) was overpriced initially & lacked diesel.
    The Upcoming Jazz will be priced competively (Honda should have learnt its lesson by now), get 1.5 powerful & Efficient Diesel Engine and has got excellent CRV like front looks.
    So all in all,
    The most Spacious Hatch,
    The most FE Hatch(in its segment)
    The most Powerful Hatch(again in its segment)
    The most Sexy looking hatch.
    We can expect a SUV out of this Jazz anytime after its launch.
    All in all, I see a true Swift beater in this Jazz