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  1. Here comes the Linea nicesachin2009-10-29 08:45:00
  2. @ Rajanibm I have gone through all the posts in your thread. Here Fiat is not at fault its the TATA dealership the culprit. See what I write below. 1. Once the car is registered under your name, its just next to impossible for Fiat to change your car. 2. PDI (Predelivery inspection) should have been done and you should have noted down the Chassis number and the Engine number & Kms (what you did). The only problem I see here is the Lethargic behavior of the Sales person. He didn't order the cleaning of the car at right time. This all counts in the good customer service which this particular dealer lacks in. This is one area where FIAT and TATA should work. With God's grace you car will run comfortably for 3,00,000 kms or more, Why are you worried about just initial 100 kms ? 100 kms can easily be driven if you order a home pickup & drop of your car for servicing twice. Enjoy the feel of a new car. Remember my words Mate. "The happiest people are the one who are happy with the things just less then Perfection" You have gifted this car to your wife so plan out a lovely dinner and celebrate your new purchase.
  3. If saftey is the concern, I would recommend Linea. Guys I have seen that Saftey is the top most priority of Fiat to be incorporated in their cars. They are providing quiet a few saftey features which you get in sedans starting from 12 to 16 lacs. However regarding the ground clearence Linea is . But they have an Engine protection under the body which i could not even find in Honda Civic. May be thats the reason I found my Linea touching debris of concreate lying on the hilly roads during my last trip.
  4. I would still suggest you to go for I20. Its a new car new technology, stunning looks. more features then i10. If price is not a constraint and you have a good running then you can also look I20 diesel. You never know when you may need a car for long running. Cheers.
  5. Here is how the display looks like. Very useful product
  6. I got one installed in my car. Company name RD Model number 995 Price 4100/- Best buy 3600/- Most of the Honda and Tata Fiat dealerships are offering these reverse parking sensors.
  7. And Even if we find a good road to test power. Out well wishers, Traffic police cops are hiding behind trees and bushes, waiting for us to cross 55 km/hr speed limit and hand over a Overspeeding challan of Rs 400/-.
  8. @Sqiitk Another point to look at is how often do we use this Power. Talking about the time of 1996 when you had esteem The traffic on the roads was not that much as we have it today. I am from Delhi and the Average speed I get on my car for a daily travel of about 90 km is just about 20 kms. Though we have a hunger for more and more power we hardly find roads in the city now to use that Power. Its only when someone goes on a highway and enjoy the drive.
  9. Kaushal Please dont mind ! But I dont think that you are one of the lucky people. I would have taken it if your car would have been delivered in the current distrubution. Those missing the delivery in this distrubution will eventually get the car in coming year.
  10. Check out this website and go to Dealers and then SPARE PARTS. Click on the 4th Bullet point link and you will get to see the comparison
  11. I agree with Nimesh here. Fiat has already started working on localizing 90% of the spares of its cars in India. Once achieved, you will definately feel the difference in the spares cost. I have already checked the price of spares of Linea vs Hyundai Verna, Fiesta, AHNC. They are lowest of all in the most catagories. I wish if I could attach an attachement the posts. Its a good comparison.
  12. Winner48 & Vicky You need a breather mates. Every person has a different set of preferences. You guys like AHNC nothing bad in it. There is definatly more power in AHNC as compared to Linea. However if you talk about features AHNC is way behind Linea. Not only AHNC no other car in this segment is even near to Linea. There are many factors that makes a car complete. Engine peformance, Handeling, Suspension, Features, safety, etc etc. Poor you guys only lingering along the engine performance of AHNC. People like you who are bashing Linea should better wait untill Jan next year. You will get an eyeopener in the form of 1.6 MJT. with the torque arround 130bhp. 1.6 fire may also launch soon.
  13. Here is the website for Vkool
  14. rssh What is the difference between a normal 300- 500 Rs film and a 5 k film ? is there a big difference in the Heat control in both the films ?
  15. What is the procedure or Benchmark for License upgrades ? I see a lot of variations here n there