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  1. my friend u ve not mentioned figures. please provide us that which gladiator u own? ss type or old one? wat is the mileage u r observing & wat is ur expectaion from gladi as compared with other bikes.
  2. its 55000 including RTO formalities.
  3. HI guys Finally i baught Gladi ss RED-SIL. Thanks for sugesstions. well i have taken test ride of Stunner, xcd135,Flame. But i found Gladi as a best option. the stunner is looks bulky & not easy to drive on crowded roads, Flame has got some complaints for performance, XCD 135- the fuel tank looks shabby & typical Bajaj design. well just one drawback in Gladi is there is no Trip meter. otherwise it Rocks on road, many people around ask abt it. 7 most IMP there r very few Gladis on rd, so u ll not fill bored, as feel wen i look Pulsars,Hondas. Thanks Guys- ill keep all updated about experiences with my Gladi SS.
  4. shuould i go for Gladiator ss?