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  1. The pink colour car is the very first model Maruti 800 !
  2. Is it possible to paint factory fitted alloy wheels on my Swift Zxi ?
  3. I am still a bit confused, Anyone who can tell me if i can get the mufflers online ?
  4. Thanks sb-alto for your reply. I only want sound right now , will look to modify my car in future though....
  5. Thanks qoenkakushal .. could you please tell me the price ?
  6. Guys i want to make my Swift Zxi(2007) sounds a bit like sports car. Don't want to install k&n filter. Do muffler will make the difference and sound and do they have any effect on cars performance and especially mileage ? also tell me the price of mufflers.
  7. Dr nishu and Sb-alto. thanks for your replies guys.
  8. Hi, guys i want to install yellow fog lamps on my Swift Zxi , i heared that they are banned ! , is it true ? and how much they cost? need your help please .
  9. Ok , thanx guys for your suggestions. . . .
  10. Yes its single owned, having all leather seat covers , 6 cd changer. .its in good condition regularly serviced. . . .checked by service centre mechanics. . . .
  11. Hi friends, swift vxi november 2007 model for sale. . .74000 kms done, asking Rs-280000. . .mint condition. . . .is this price ok ? Dr. ShivAditya Sharma
  12. If diesel. . .ford fiesta will be good option(great mileage, rough and tough engine, good for DRIVERS, easy to pocket maintainance). .then Dzire(no bad except side profile and interior quality) If petrol, don't think much , get a honda city. .(the big positive is that there is no negative with this car). . . .
  13. Well, both cars are good . . . .swift make more sense with its mileage and performance and i20 with its ultimate urban style. . . .if these two cars are placed in front of you, your heart will say i20, i20, i20. .and your brain(mind) will say swift, swift, swift. . .so its up to you which you listent to more HEART or MIND. . . .but my choice would be swift as i want a pure driving pleasure and not focused on styling more. . .
  14. Ok, figo is a good choice. . .but it will be better for you to test drive both figo(petro) and i10. . .cz figo petrol version is seriously underpowered, where as i10 is a zippy drive, also interiors of i10 makes more sense than that of figo. . . . So make sure you test both cars before putting your hard earned money on. .
  15. Look no further, get a spark, its really a good city car with a rough and tough attitute within. . .else go for a alto f8. . For a run of 1.5 kms tata nano can also serve the purpose with no negatives , all positives. . . .
  16. Ok, than swift vxi is a good option. . . .but fiesta is truely a drivers car, fun to drive with minimal expense. . . .that too with an average of 25+ !! Whats your price range ?
  17. If you love to drive, eCS is not for you at all, and if you like to be driven you can consider it as an option but only if you are not planning to change it withing 6 to 7 years. .figo diesel is a good car only if you can digest its ugly plastic interiors . . . . Vista quadrajet diesel will be another option, if you seriously want a sedan, you can look for a used ford fiesta diesel, you can get a 2005-6 model for 3 to 3.5 lacs. .its a very good allrounder. .
  18. Hi, with running of 6 to 8 hundred per month, i would suggest vxi will be better choice as only it will make around Rs 300 difference with LDI on fuel. . . .and u will get a lot more feature with vxi than ldi . . . .also vxi is better on ldi for an occasional drag or sprint so if you are ready to spend 300 rupees more per month on fuel, go for vxi. .it will make your extra 300 rupees worth, else test drive the two and you will know the difference. . . . .
  19. If you don't hate getting warned twice or thrice by your car, and always put your life first and than driving pleasuse. .go with volvo xc60. . Audi Q7 can't be compared with xc60 , its just a different SUV. . . .Don't worry about resale value volvo resale value is higher than audi and merc. .especially in punjab, any volvo car could be sold at a good price. . Don't get confused go for xc60
  20. Just check what you want from your car, status symbol or ease of use etc etc. . . .and if you necessarilya don't need a sedan, than nopoint buying a second hand car in 6lacs, used car is a used car, no matter what condition is it in, also try to know why the party is selling the car. . . . U can have a brand new polo. . . .and if you want a real pleasure for driving at a lowest maintainance cost you could look at indica quadrajet. . . .
  21. @tsivipul. .hey, u really had a jackpot. . .is there any particular place or dealer in gurgaon for such deals? Same thing also happens in delhi, one of my known got a toyata camry in just 10 lacs. . .nd u will be surprised to know the car had done only around 2000 kms. .it was owned by a dubai bussiness man who stayed here in India for few months, and he sold the car when went back, now howzzat for a deal . . ! An almost brand new camry for 10lacs ! ! But u really need a shining luck to find such deals in delhi . . . .and for choices given by you, i quiet dn't like esteem and accent much. . . .i like baleno but i got confused when heard that its nt a good deal in 1.65k . .thats y asked for help here. . @ carispassion. .ok dude. . . .and one thing more , why is it so that lxi models give more kmpl than vxi model baleno ? Is there something to do with tyres ? Or is just a coincidence
  22. Hey, one of my friend said that baleno's single tail lamp assmbly cost Rs10000 !!!! What if some stupid motorcyclist or restless autorickshaw driver crash in to it . . .
  23. @carispassion. . . .ok . .you almost gave me heart attack previously but its ok now :-)
  24. @sarabjeet....ok , but esteem is just a different car than baleno... .one 2005 model esteem was also for sale for Rs.150000 with 67000km on clock and showroom condition , but it took only 5 mintutes and car was sold already.... @carispassion...80k is some amount yaar.....well thanx a TON for such explanation..i will consider your suggestion and i have a daily run of 10 kms only with 8 kms on highway and roads are good , no pot holes as such so i think that is not a problem , else, as you said , is fine. So i think i can proceed with the deal..