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  1. I think what NANO really needs is a sound like a car, it really makes a very cheap sound , almost like the autorikshaws , who wants a car that sounds like an auto????!! every thing else is good with its price tag.
  2. @creativebala ..thanx... ya , clutch is only thing required to fix all other is good.. yes you are very right, also the one problem is SPARES .....are they easily available ? and yes they are expensive but i want to know expensive in what sense ? compared to other cars or just too expensive ??
  3. @carispassion thanks a lot for your reply first. Is it true that this car can give 10-11 kmpl in city ? I asked many dealers(used car dealers) and service centers they all said maximum of 8 kmpl in city and 10kmpl on highway ! AC and electricals are in good condition also suspension is in good condition but the paint is not the original one.BornFree2011-01-16 15:35:17
  4. M getting a 2005 model baleno vxi with 90000 kms on clock , brand new tyres , the guy is asking Rs.165000 ..engine is in good condition checked by mechanics, needs a clutch job and minor oil leakage problem is there this price Ok ? I asked one dealer he said that this price is very MUCH, current market price is around 1lakh for same condition car.. I need advice of you people..please help. Dr.ShivAditya Sharma Thread moved.BornFree2011-01-16 14:35:17