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  1. You were definitely correct....but it may vary to creative speaker models....Only Creative Inspire 2.1 2400 (price 1900 rs) requires 12 Vdc/1.5A and rest of all creative models require ##V AC.....I had creative inspire 4400 4.1 speakers for my PC & it uses an AC adapter which provide output of 13.2 V AC (chk by multimeter).
  2. Hi thanks for reply....but there is little change in the asked question....i.e. Creative 2.1 SBS speakers having AC Adapter & produces 12V~2.9a AC current. But Car battery produces DC 12volt. Then how it will work? It definitely burn the amplifier. I study allot about this topic but getting nothing....
  3. Hello all, Can anybody help me out from this problem. I need to run my creative 2.1 speaker having power input 12 V ~ 2.9A but car battery produces 12V ~ 45A. So problem is that how to convert 45A to 2.9A.