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  1. The next gen Nissan GT-R (2012 edition and 2013 in the U.S) is expected to be more powerful that the current gen model (535bhp) and will presumably crank out an extra 40 odd bhp to raise the power figure to a whopping 575 bhp. This increase in the power level is mainly owed to the increased boost levels and a couple of intake and exhaust updates. Should be mind boggling if the Godzilla can dash from standstill to 60mph in less than 3 seconds!

  2. But why would Hyundai want to slot 1.4litre in when it has the brawny 1.5VGT? This mill can be kinda spiced up by adding a few more horses to give the customers the "VGT spectacle"

    Overall the car is nifty with sort of raising waistline, roomy interiors and the smart grille.

  3. I am a fan of Misubishi cars however, I don't fancy any existing models in the country. Lancer and Cedia haven't had a good share in the sedan market. It's high time the company did some serious thinking if it gotta sustain in the ever growing sedan sector. The interesting plans should hopefully give the company a renewed growth and I look forward to seeing the EVO manufactured in the subcontinent very soon.

  4. Then, according to ya, how many people are you sure ll buy the bike?May be 7% to 10% and do ya think this value can compete with the sales figures of other big manufacturers in our country? The only solution to this problem is reducing cost and btw i dont mean it must be priced in par with the karizma as you have referred to.

  5. Yamaha's plans to launch sports bikes in our country must be well appreciated. The years' long dream of many youngsters who are aspiring to own a sport bike has come true. Earlier, if one had to purchase a powerful sport bike, a dozen of rules and regulations had to be followed which made the process tiresome. That will not be the case now, since the scenario is gradually changing, thanks to Yamaha. But the concern that newly arises in everyone's mind is the cost factor. Can anyone afford that many bucks for the bikes which are priced closely to many luxury sedans in our country? Should the bikes be priced at the same cost as they are priced outside India? Or does Yamaha have any plan of reducing the cost to suit the pocket of Indian masses?