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  1. Hi, I am planning to go in for a 2nd hand SX4. I prefer the Zxi over Vxi due to the safety features. A sales guy in a reputed True Value showroom(whom I know) made a statement that it is better to go for Vxi over Zxi. And the reason he quoted was that the airbags in SX4 can deploy even in the event of a minor hit by a bike. According to him there is a sensor somewhere in the front bumper area and if there is a hit directly on it( for example even if it is minor bike hit), it can trigger the deployment. Now, I don't really believe this and I think it was a ploy by the salesman to push the Vxi (he did not have Zxi available). I also searched all over different forums and could not find any reference to such an issue. But would like to hear the input of experts in this forum on this topic. Thanks, Rajeev
  2. Here is some additional Info: This channel is available on TataSky as part of the COSMOS add on pack which costs Rs45 per month. Other channels in this pack are movie channels (WB, MGM, TCM, NDTV Luminere). There is also another channel Discovery Science which is also very good. What i understand is that this is currently exclusive to Tata Sky only. Will be available on other platforms after this exclusive period is over.
  3. I think this is because of fuel quality issues(as mentioned above by Cyrus). I have noticed this 2-3 times in my Zen. All times it has happened when I have filled from quarter/half to full tank from a bunk which was not my normal filling station.