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  1. Have you seen any complaint on this or any other forum about this form of air bag deployment. I think it's too much hyped about. If this were the norm' date=' airbag's would have been removed as SRS from all car's. I think at least India bumping into vehicles in front is nothing new with chocablock traffic, there must be at least 10 accidentally inflated air bags every day.


    Yes, you are correct. I searched a lot and could not find details of any such occurance. But posted the query to hear some feedback on this from experts in this forum.

    I have decided to go with a vehicle that has ABS and Airbags.

  2. Hi,

    I am planning to go in for a 2nd hand SX4. I prefer the Zxi over Vxi due to the safety features. A sales guy in a reputed True Value showroom(whom I know) made a statement that it is better to go for Vxi over Zxi. And the reason he quoted was that the airbags in SX4 can deploy even in the event of a minor hit by a bike. According to him there is a sensor somewhere in the front bumper area and if there is a hit directly on it( for example even if it is minor bike hit), it can trigger the deployment.

    Now, I don't really believe this and I think it was a ploy by the salesman to push the Vxi (he did not have Zxi available). I also searched all over different forums and could not find any reference to such an issue.

    But would like to hear the input of experts in this forum on this topic.



  3. Here is some additional Info:

    This channel is available on TataSky as part of the COSMOS add on pack which costs Rs45 per month. Other channels in this pack are movie channels (WB, MGM, TCM, NDTV Luminere). There is also another channel Discovery Science which is also very good.

    What i understand is that this is currently exclusive to Tata Sky only. Will be available on other platforms after this exclusive period is over.

  4. I have had this in my Zen for the past year. Did it from Pratham motors Bangalore when they marketed it to me(Rs100 for 5 tyres and then free topups for ever). As many here have said, I have not seen any particular benefit in the drive. But one good thing is that there is hardly any loss of pressure. Initially i checked it every month and there was no loss of pressure for 3-4 months . Now i check every 3 months.. Rajeevraj2009-11-19 12:07:11

  5. Here is a small travelogue with pictures on my drive from Bangalore to my hometown called Tirur in Kerala.

    Car: Zen Lxi

    People: Me and my wife

    Date: 7th Aug 2009


    We decided the previous night that we would start of at 5am on 7th. I had done full service of the car on 4th itself and petrol was full tank.

    To our great surprise at 5am on 7th I was in the car ready to movesmiley17.gif. Started off from Sarjapur Road, went through Silk Board and ORR to meet up at Mysore Road by 5.30 am. It was a cool cloudy morning and Mysore Road looked inviting



    Reached Mysore Byepass by 7.30. Since it was early traffic going out was minimal



    From the byepass, took the left turn and via the Lalit Mahal palace reached the Gundlepet Road. The stretch of road for 10-12 km was quite bad. After that the surface was quite good and the traffic was minimal.




    Some sunflower Gardens on the way




    By 9am we were at Gundlepet. There is a new 24hr Cafe  Coffee Day outlet opened there. Stopped for a coffee and some snacks.  Had travelled around 190km.




    Once we left Gundlepet, we hit a very bad stretch of road leading up to the Bandipur wild life santuary. And as the photo below shows, vehicles did not have the right of waysmiley1.gif



    One we overcame that obstacle and after a stretch of non existent roads, we entered the Bandipur forests. Here the roads were excellent, lots of twists and turns and almost non existent traffic along with beautiful views of forests. The santuary is caled Bandipur on the Karnataka side and Mudumalai on the Tamil Nadu side. Following pictures show the drive through the santuary. Not much words are needed.








    This deer did not liks us disturbing














    We exited the forest and stopped for a break amidst bamboo forests before reaching Gudalur(Gudalur is the base from where you climb to OOty)





    A great view of the Western ghats just after Gudalur




    We crossed Gudalur by 11.15am and then entered Kerala through the Nadugani ghats. Again great roads with almost no traffic.






    Crossing this section we reached Nilambur by 12.30pm, the first major town after you enter Kerala. From here another 1.5 hours, I was at my hometown Tirur by 2pm. Couple of pictures of the final stretches





    Total Distance: 387km

    Time taken: 9hrs(including 1 hr break)

    Roads: Apart from a couple of small stretches absolutely brilliant with plenty of twisties. No potholes. TRaffic almost nil most of the way

    Milage: 16km/ltr


  6. Today morning around 6am I was travelling on the Sarjapur-Attibelle road on the outskirts of Bangalore and I saw a toyota hatch pass by. Seemed to be a test vehicle. I clearly could see the toyota badging, but since it was passing by in opposite direction, I could not see it in more detail.

    This was surprising because I have not heard about any Toyota hatch plans in india in the next few months atleast...

    Any more info on this?

  7. Varun' date=' One thing to note is that it is TN reg and you are selling in Bangalore. Even if you have paid the Karnataka road tax, your resale value will be lower if you try to sell TN reg vehicle in Bangalore. [/quote']


    Friend once you pay the road registration tax to the Govt of Karnataka you have to get it registered to the respective state. After paying the Road tax to Karnataka Govt why retaining the TN regn.


    The?registration charges will be minimal only. Road tax is?a heavier one. I think for pulsar it may be 4000/-. Correct me if i am wrong.?

    You have to pay the road tax first. If you plan to stay for more than 1 year you need to change registration. For that you need to get NOC from the actual regr office where it is registered.

    IN both cases paying the state road tax is mandatory. Traffic police in bangalore mostly check only road tax reciept when checking other state registered vehicles.

  8. I read a case recently in Bangalore where a guy was patiently waiting at a red light. A car came up behind and kept honking for the first guy to ignore the light and move as the intersection was clear. First guy ignored this and kept waiting.

    Then 4 guys got down from the 2nd car and bashed this guy up....

    Thats what you get for following rules....

  9. I have one more advise. If you are in a remote location with out a tea coffee break and just can't keep keep your eyes open park the car safely get out of the car and make a hard run for about 100 mts and back' date=' I gurantee you that you will feel fresh as a daisy and will be able to carry on for another 3 Hrs. The important thing is to get your adrelinine flowing which happened to FRG after the accident, you can alway make it happen before the accident. I alway do this. On my Goa- Ahmedabad trip was driving 14 Hrs non stop but had a 10 min break of the above 3 times. Cannot afford being careless with kids and family on board.[/quote']

    Thanks for bumping the topic up FRG. That must have been a harrowing experience.

    The above advice is followed by the driver of my brother in law's taxi. He also resorts to biting on green chillies when he has extended back to back long trips.

    Another way is to ensure atleast one other person is awake and keeps talking to the driver...

  10. Is low fuel efficiency the only reason? Or as SGIITK Sir said is it the not so great quality of the auto transmission in the auto cars in india. (especially towards lower segment)

    Reason for my thought is that today also there are a lot of vehicles even in the mid segment which dont have very good fue efficiency and they still sell very well... Which suggests fuel efficiency is not always a amajor criteria.. So wont all those folks opt for an auto vehicle given the choice...

    Another point.. auto's still seem to be much more costly than manual for the same model.. i suppose this could be a reason... Rajeevraj2009-03-10 09:40:22

  11. I'm really proud that TATA Motors has come up with NANO' date=' the smallest and cheapest car. I'm sure many would find it really fascinating, including me and I would love to buy one. But, what I really don't understand is the down payment part. This car is aimed mainly for people who could not afford to buy cars that cost more!! When this car becomes a substitute for two-wheelers, ofcourse they would be happy to buy.

    But, how would they have a ready cash of Rs. 70,000/- Someone?needs to re-consider this down payment part, and should come up with a much lesser amount, so that it could be easily afforded by anyone who wishes to buy a car. Buying a NANO should be made comfortable to all!!!

    I dont think buying a nano will be comfortable for a couple of years atleast.... smiley1.gif Unless TATA is able to flood the market which i don't think they will/can do...

    I believe rather than the nano being a common mans car, initially it will be more of a prestige value car since its going to be difficult to get it easily...

  12. Good report and nice snaps Rajeev. Your Zen looks good and beautiful paint colour on it too.You can easily do 120 kmph in a Zen' date=' I had a 99 Zen in which I have done over 140kmph quite a number of times. The top speed is supposed to be close to 165kmph if I am not wrong.[/quote']

    Thank You :). I had an M800 previously and had gone to Maruti True Value to exchange with an alto. There was an almost brand new alto which had done only 2K km. But then i saw this red beauty zen and fell in love with it although it had done 45000km and went ahead and got it. Added the alloys also. Although it has had its niggles due to its age, its still so wonderful to ride. :)

    Thanks all for the nice comments also. Rajeevraj2009-02-28 13:39:41