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  1. That looks cool.. but i suppose quite expensive. Well.. i did buy an FM Transmitter from Ebay. It plugs directly into the 12V port in the car. It has an input to connect any MP3 player and on top of that it has a USB slot where u can stick in any USB stick. There is a small dispaly which indicates the frequency and also next and volume buttons, it also comes with a small remote. I tried it out and was very impressed. It costs Rs1050 I would recommend it for anyone who has an ordinary CD/Cassette player in car with FM. Here is a link to view the item. http://cgi.ebay.in/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&rd=1&item=270179772894&ssPageName=STRK:MEWN:IT&ih=017
  2. in Bangalore maruti had an offer for Alto where they provide a 3 day package for 2 to a hill station in Tamil Nadu called Kodaikanal (very beautiful place) and also a return flight ticket to a destination of your choice within India. Not sure if the offer still stands or whether it is valid for other models also
  3. I think its simple economics. For eg: Maruti 800. It still is the 4th or 5th largest selling car in India. (According to Autocar report on number of units sold). Another example is the Omni. One of the most dangerous cars in terms of safety. Still is in the top 5-6. Why would a company stop a car that sells 4-5000 units per month even now. So many people have been disappointed that Mauti stopped the zen, which i think is the first time Maruti has stopped a model
  4. I think you need to specify more details on your requirements. Like type of driving, budget etc... But I have also heard that Apache is suitable for shorter people. If you have a lower budget mybe you can test the new bajaj XCD. Autocar review indicates that it is more suitable for shorter people. Thanks, Rajeev
  5. if u need to buy only from dealer, then check out the Maruti Accesories section in the marutiudyog website. That lists available systems with price specifications as well.
  6. I think if you are keen on USB functionality it may not fit your 10K budget. I have ordered for an FM transmitter plugs into the 12volt point and has option to connect USB devices as well as external MP3 players. Hoping to get it tomorrow. Will give a review on how good it is. It it is good then u can easily go for a standard player and then get this transmitter.It will cost rs1000
  7. I personally am always partial to HH. But u can also have a look at the Bajaj XCD 125. Its looks cool and is said to have big milaege along with Digital console. I suppose it will cost around 43-44 on road. I havnt seen any detailed reviews though.
  8. i would suggest u go for a set with the USB input or atleast an aux in. U get 4GB pen drives for Rs 1000-1500 and on a 4Gb drive u can put in close to 800 songs... Non stop music... Saves you the trouble of changing CD's
  9. right. i did notice a loss of power with AC on.. which was surprising.. i had thought that happens only in cars like 800. Well i live in bangalore.. the so called air conditioned city.so i dont really need the ac for most part of the year...
  10. i read somewhere recently where it was written, for indians the biggest safety feature is hte horn.. nothing else matters... IN bangalore seat belt is mandatory for front driver and pasenger.. but dont think it isenforced... I on my part always insist for the person next to me also to wear seatbelt....
  11. Rajeevraj

    Hybrid Cars!

    Yup Prius is a Hybrid car. The technology i think is that it runs on both petrol and electricity and the electricity needed to powert he batterys are generted while drivein.... . See this link... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Toyota_Prius
  12. Ok found out from a Website. It does not have.. digital console In fact the instrument console looks very traditional.. lke what we used to see in older bikes...
  13. OK I have a couple of basic questions. As i have posted in previous posts I got my second hand zen a couple of days back. I used to have a STD 800 with no features..So some of these standard features in these higher segment cars creates basic doubts for me I have a couple of questions? 1. Is it ok to run the Aircon at the lowest level ( the first point on the aircon knob). Someone told me if ur running the AC u need to run it at the 2 or 3 points 2. There is this slider to control whether the air should be recirculated/reused within the car or should be taken in externally (i suppose thats what it means). Question is which should be used when? Thanks, Rajeev
  14. Does this have LED Tail Lamps and digital speedo and fuel gauge?? Thats something i feel is missing in Hero Honda bikes...
  15. Bangalore... Need to travel on the airport road... one of the worst roads in bangalore
  16. its the Lxi variant. Bright red colour. not a common colour i suppose as i have not seen many on the roads... it has a great road presense... One negative i felt is seating position seems a little low, even though i am 5'11. That is a little hinderance in the bumper to bumper traffic of bangalore where every centimeter is critical
  17. Has anyone used an FM trasmitter to transmit audio from MP3 Player to the car sereo system? Does it work well without disturbance? Which are the good ones and how much do they cost? I have a JVC set but it does not have AUX or USB in. And i would love to listen to songs from my MP3 Player. SAves the trouble of changing CD's Lots of questions i suppose
  18. Yes, i did end up buying it. Just took delivery today. Was pretty impressed after the first ride. But then i am stepping up from an 800. Some more drives will give a good picture
  19. HI all, I joined a few days back.So its a belated intro. I liked this forum a lot. I really love cars and bikes. Although i dont have a fancy car i like to read about them. Thats the reason i really like htis forum. reg my car, i have a plain second hand M800. But now going to change to a 2nd hand zen. Thanks, Rajeev
  20. What is meant by Double Din system... And also which is the cheapest head that can support aux in and usb input.
  21. REcently when i was driving from Chennai to Bangalore. I noticed a set of 10 similar cars overtaking me. They were mostly covered up. Only later did i realise it was the Hyundai PA (after seeing a similar photo in autocar magazine). If i had known then would have tried to take a picture atleast. Todays paper says it will definitely be out before diwali
  22. Hi Folks, I was planning to buy a second hand car and came across a 2004 Model Zen Lxi at Maruti True Value. I like the car a lot. Does it make sense to buy it since Maruti has stopped production. The dealer was of the opinion that there is still a very good demand for the old zen and hence will have resale value also. This particular car has run 40,000km and the price quoted is 2.7Lakhs. I trust the truevalue outlet since my last car purchase was also from them. I know the price is probably high. But what i am concerned more about is that it has run 40,000 km. Any comments/suggestions please? Thanks, Rajeev