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  1. I once did 140kph in a diesel Zen. If diesel can do it' date=' why can't petrol do?[/quote'] Thank You. I wanted to post bigger pics. But was not sure how to do it. Will check it once more. Forgot to mention that on the stretch just as i was leaving bangalore, we saw a heavily camaflouged car parked on the road side. I was in middle of lorry traffic so could not stop. Not sure which it was. Although it looked like a nano( from the size)
  2. Nope. Am not joking. Of course I did it only for a couple of min. As i honestly admitted. I dont drive beyond 90 mostly did try to push it one time.
  3. Here is a report on a one day trip I did to Hogenakkal which is a tourist spot around 180km from Bangalore. It is a spot with a number of waterfalls cascading into River Cauvery. We started at 7.45 on Saturday morning. Since we stay on the city outskirts, completely avoided the Hosur Road Stretch upto Electronic city, Joined the 4 lane highway at Attibelle. From there on till Krishnagiri it was an absolute beauty, as people familiar with this route will know, this road has always been a wonderful stretch. The reliance A1 plaza's which were a great stop on this route are closed. INstead there is a new BP petrol pump complex with Adayar Ananda Bhavan restaurent. Good food and clean washrooms. The pleasant surprise was the stretch from Krishnagiri to Dharmapuri. The 4 laning on this stretch is complete and the road is amazing. Very little traffic also. You can do any speeds. I am more of a conservative driver and my zen has run 55000 km. So I stuck to around 90-100km/h. Occasionally hitting 120. A passat zoomed by doing god knows how much. I was at 100 and that fellow disappeared from my view in an instant. We left the highway at Dharmapuri and took the road to Hogenakkal which is a further 45 km. Normal 2 lane road. But very smooth and no potholes. There was a ghat and forest section just before we reached the place. Some nice curvy well tarred roads. The place is extremely beautiful and spent a couple of hours in the round boats called coracles(The boatmen start at Rs1000 and you need good negotiation skills. We managed to bring down to Rs400). They take u under the waterfall and get you drenched. After monsoon the place resembles niagara according to the boat man. The place is not very well maintained and no changing facilities or good rest rooms. Also no good hotels. So need to carry some food. But the beauty of the place compensates for all else. We left back by 1.30 and were back in Bangalore by 5. The road was so tempting that my wife also decided to drive and took over the wheel for a good 70-80km Overall the wonderful drive and a nice place make a good choice for a one day outing from Bangalore. Will try to add some pictures also. Summary: Vehicle: My 2003 Zen Lxi People: Me and my wife Petrol: Regular petrol-full tank from Indian Oil, Sarjapur Road Route: Bangalore-Sarjapur-Attibelle-Hosur-Krishnagiri-Dharmapuri-Hogenakkal Distance: 175km one way Milage: Approx 18 km/liter with AC Time taken: 3.5 hrs with a half hour stop at BP-Adayar Anandabhavan hotel. Roads: Brilliant, Brilliant, Brilliant. There were 3 small potholes on the total 350 to and fro trip. Will add some pictures once i figure out how to do it. FuelRunGod2009-02-24 17:45:51
  4. Yup lot of criticism here. Info I got from some research on the net is that filling nitrogen is not harmful but the benefits are not valid for a normal person driving normally. It has good benefits in high speed driving and racing (like formula 1 and airplane tyres and all) And couple of other major disadv is cost and availability. In my case I decided to try it because the maruti service center charged a one time Rs100 with free check up and top up (If they dont stick to that i can always go back to normal filling). And the place is next to my house also
  5. Bringing back an old topic up. Today when i went to service my zen in pratham motors (Outer Ring Road, Bangalore) they had a big banner advertising filling nitrogen. They suggested me to do it and said it has benefits like smoother ride and less heat etc... Charge was Rs100 for 5 tyres, a one time cost. Future checking and top ups are free. They recommend checking once in 6 months. I went ahead and did it as stay close to the service center and hence decided to see if there was any difference. Had only a small drive after this was done. First impression was ride was a little more stiff than usual... But that maybe because it had just been serviced. Need to have a longer run...
  6. Done with taking the round 1 online quiz Cyrus, would it be possible to provide scores for the people taking the test. Just to get an idea of how good/bad one has performed.... Rajeevraj2009-01-30 10:33:22
  7. I think you should keep it. Even if you buy a car a bike is really useful for small trips and crowded city areas. Unless of course you are fed up with driving a bike and never want to ride a bike again.
  8. I would say only try that if you are on a bike, so then you can get away quickly at least.In Nz nobody? honksIf someone cuts me off at a round about or something I just hold the horn in or do burst of horns. This can be dangerous also There was a new item in abangalore paper some time back. It was a less traffic jn but the light was red. so a man was patiently waitin for it to turn green.. few fellows in car came up and kept honking, our decent rule abiding person did not move... then the guys from car got down, bashed this guy up and went away Road Rage!!!
  9. In Bangalore sometimes people tend to honk like crazy even when u are waiting patiently for a red to turn green :) So what u experienced is normal... Dont bother... follow the basics, start your car as you would normally do and move off... Thats what i tell my wife also. Few times she was tensed once it got switched off.. But now she shuts out the honking , calmly starts and moves... so now she is not worried if it gets switched off also
  10. Dont think Alto has cig lighter socket. U will have to fix that.. its pretty cheap.. I think it was Rs200 when i did it for my zen recently.
  11. Oh' date=' this is news to me. I was under the impression that Tavera is quite capable of 5 digit mileages. What led me to believe this was that earlier, GM offered a fantastic warranty package with Tavera & its engine is sourced from Issuzu, which is reputed in making fantastic diesel powerplants.I am not sure weather a switch over to Innova is made or not!Earlier majority customers bought it for private use.[/quote']Though the engine is from Isuzu,? it is assembled in HM's plant. Ask the drivers especially in hill station. Opening of Taveras engine are cheaper than Innova in servicing aspect(A local mechanic is sufficient) ,and that may be the reason for more taveras on sale as taxi. I'm talking about 6digit mileage and not 5 digit.? After Qualis only Innova is capable of 6 digit mileage. My dad's friend had a Tavera and he spent more servicing it especially after 110000 and the noise of engine was horrible and he complained loss in Fuel efficiency too. I think a lot of it is got to do with maintenence, the driver of my brother in law's tavera was very good on the vehicle. Hence no major problems even close to 2lak km . The guy who bought it came with 2-3 mechanics who said he can buy it as is without any changes... So looks like it was good for more... The replacement by b in law bought was of course an innova... miles ahead of tavera in every department
  12. I think i would prefer the Yaris. Last weekend I drove an innova from Bangalore to Hyderabad and also drove in city traffic in both places. I fell in love with Innova and Toyota
  13. My brother in law had a Tavera running as taxi. It ran for 186,000 km without any problems what so ever. It was extremely well maintained and had a very good driver. He sold it a month back and got close to 50% of original cost. It did not even have power steering(That was the only reason he sold it. Was becoming difficult for the driver with the increase in traffic) but was the best tavera i have ever seen. Always looked new.Rajeevraj2008-10-17 13:39:39
  14. Is new corolla called ALTIS? Thts what the ads stated today. I thought Toyota is suprising us with a new model
  15. i wish they lauch the sedan yaris. i travelled in it in US and my first impression was that it would be well suited for india(if they can slot it in the Sx4/city/verna segment) It is considered a cheap car in US, so maybe it would have been feasible to luanch it in this segment.
  16. Deven, there is a thread in 2nd page "Topic: help reqd in buying a new car" This is also same requirement as yours diesal in 10-12 lak budget. that thread runs for 5 pages. You should be able to get lot of info there
  17. is i10 the very first car on which the engine has been used? if so is there any risks of engine bugs coming up?Or can hyundai blindly be relied upon?
  18. I said old car is better in other thread. But i take back my words. better buy new car. once ur comfortable driving take ur new car out. Start early morning 5.30-6 for a few days . traffic will be low at that time so u can afford some mistakes . take some u turns, do some parking etc.. once u are more comfortable take it out at around 7-7.30 when traffic is higher and do a few rounds... that way u will get the confidence to drive.
  19. Siddhant You are mistaken. All 3 kappa varients are available as AT. Website of i10 indicates kappa available in manual in Mgna variant. If you go to the showroom and ask, they will say kappa magna is only available in AT and not in manual. Atleast this is the info i got from Advaith Hyundai Bangalore. As Sgiitk sir said, quite sure they are milking the market and pushing the higher varient of kappa, I was little disapointed with the 'sport' varient. nothing much sporty about it apart from a rear spoiler. No alloys also. Back to topic. U should enquire in mumbai if there is magna i10 kappa manual. If so it will suit your budget.
  20. Vibhor, No, i10 kappa Magna varient is available only in A/T according to Hyundai showroom. I had been to enquire about it. Manual is not there in their price list also The i10 Kappa Sport and Asta variant are there in both Manual and A/T botomline, if you want kappa manual, you have to go for sport which is 5.1 laks on road in bangalore
  21. Info i got from Hyundai showrrom here in Bngalore is that i10Magna Kappa is only available in Automatic and not manual. i10 Sport is just above 5laks on road in Bangalore. Probably less in Mumbai, but maybe slightly above your max budget Hope you are comfortable driving now. Otherwise a 2nd hand car for a year is better, till you get very comfortable.
  22. I just visited Advaith Hyundai showroom in Bangalore to check out kappa. According to them 1.2 Kappa i10 is available only in sport and asta varients. Only Automatic is available in kappa magna. Their website does say Magna manual is also available with Kappa Anybody seen it in showroom? Sports is priced at 5lac on road in bangalore. Asta is priced 5.7 laks. Nothing really sporty about the Sport varient. Seems pricey. I drive a 03 Zen Lxi currently. Makes sense to for for i10 Kappa?
  23. I just visited Advaith Hyundai showroom in Bangalore. According to them 1.2 Kappa i10 is available only in sport and asta varients. Only Automatic is available in kappa magna. Their website does say Magna manual is also available with Kappa Anybody seen it in showroom? Sports is priced at 5lac on road in bangalore. Asta is priced 5.7 laks. Seems pricey. I drive a 03 Zen Lxi currently. Makes sense to for for i10 Kappa?