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  1. Ya i wanted to put pics.. My sis did not give go ahead Its a nice car. Would do well in India if priced right..
  2. mines simple too. Rajeev is my name and 3 letters of my Surname :)
  3. My sister lives in Sharjah and commutes to work to Dubai daily (These are twin cities) the traffic is terrible and it takes her 2 hours for a drive that takes 20 min on a empty road(or on weekends with minimal traffic). This is if she starts at 6.15 in the morning. She drives a Nissan TIDA. A hatchback. Its not a very nice place for normal working class people.. Very expensive. extremely beautiful as the pictures above show.
  4. @srvwiz you need to specify more details on ur expected usage how much u'l drive where ur located etc... Othewise you will get a large number of options that can only confuse u more...
  5. 2 wheeler-one round in a bajaj and then yahama rx-100, i perfected skills on HH splendor 4 wheeler- first was in a driving school jeep, then a driving school M800. Perfected skills after i bought my own M800
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    Yup, if you really have this post to buy a particular bike you should give your shortlist and then let the members guide u. If you list almost all bikes in all segments you will not reach a decision any time soon
  7. I have exactly the same problem on my Zen lxi (2003) Problem is there even after i upgraded to alloys. (there will be a thread on this too in this forum) Suggestions from memebers were to do wheel balancing. I got busy after than and have not had a chance to do that. also most of my driving is in bangalore city where 80-90kmph is a distant dream
  8. same issue was there with SX4 when it was launched. There were ads in the paper telling 'sorry to customers thanks for waiting' at that time.
  9. Maruti also has such a running offer. They say 'exchange ur old car for a brand new maruti for almost the same EMI It is basically a publicity stunt. Because most of the money u get by selling the old car will go towards closing your existing loan.Then u need to quite an ammount of money if you want to get a bigger car with same money. I tried this when i went to see if i could exchange my zen for a new dzire. the EMI they quoted was nearly 3 times what i paid normally.
  10. Yes i felt it was a good way to learn city driving. U get used to the roads as well as get practice with some sort of traffic... I now follow the same method for my wife.. did the morning runs for a few days and now taking her into peak traffic all the best...
  11. He said so himself in an interview. There is a santro in hast big lineup of cars. He uses it to go to buy icecream for his kids it seems..
  12. i heard Shah Rukh say in one of his interviews when questioning about his endorsement of Hyundai, that he does not know much about cars. He also mentioned he owns a santro which he uses to pick ice cream for kkids and all... Anyone knows if he really drives a santro??
  13. congrats rakesh. Unfortunately the things u mentioned is just due to lack of practice. As u keep driving u'll get better at everything. But do take care to use the clutch properly, that is something u can consciously do. Other things just need practice. One suggestion i have: When i bought my first car (2nd hand 800) althoiugh i did know driving i had no experience driving in cities. So what i would do is, take the car out for a drive morning 5.30-6am when roads are pretty empty. Would go for a big round, do some U turns and stop starts and some parkings, then when i got better started going out around 7 when traffic was higher but still not peak. Like that step by step i became comfortable driving. If you had not yet bought the car, i would have suggested a 2nd hand car for a year or so.. Anyways all the best and hope this helps. Note: As suggested use L board. I currently have an L board on my car as my wife is learning. I notice people give u slightly more respct
  14. I tend to lightly rest by foot on the clutch although i try not to do it especialy in city driving...
  15. Yup I have to check the forum atleast once a day And thanks to the forum and its learned members, i have increaseed my knowledge a great deal and now even dole out advice to friends and relatives about various aspects of cars and bikes
  16. i somehow have a soft corner for the 800. Inspite of the 100's of models available it still manfully soldiers on....
  17. my advice is do not go for a 2nd hand car that has clocked close to 50000 km. Some issue or the other will keep coming up... And espcially if it is an expensive to maintain car like Ikon, u'l end up spending lot of money This is what i have experienced with my Zen. Great car, but i got it at 46000km.. keeps throwing up some small issue or the other...
  18. There was a person who came in blasted 50 posts (i think all about how ugly dzire is and left) I agree here. I had posted a topic on help on understanding car mechanics and within an hour it had disappeared to 3rd page because of all unwanted posts...
  19. isnt this the same one that was featured in ACI last month... ? So obviously FRG would have seen interiors
  20. Thanks adi1991.That was useful...Any more tips for troubleshooting... ?
  21. All the more reason for experts to help us... I wouldnt want to be stuck in the middle of nowhere with a dead car when a few checks in the right places can resolve the issue in minutes....
  22. OK here is a question. There was an incident that happenend yesterday that prompted this question. This is what happened... yesterday after watchin a movie at a mall we went to get the car. I turned the key in the ignition and there was a 'krrrr' sound and then no response. turning the key did not have any effect. completely dead. The parking attendents and a couple of drivers had a look and could not identify anything. Then they pushed it around and manged to start it. And asked me to take it to service station without getting it swiched off (always risky in Bangalore traffic) Managed to take it to Pratham motors and although it was a sunday evening there were a few mechanics around and they were helpful and rectified the issue. The issue was that there is a pin which passes current to starter motor and that had come loose (this is what tehy said) and a quick tighteing with a spanner rectified issue. Now question is i (like most people) know to drive well but am 0 on any mechanics related to the car. I know there are many learned members in this forum. So some sort of troubleshooting and repair tips wll be a real help. Any links to online documetation (maybe with picture guidance) will also be useful. (because no point telling 'check starter motor pin' or somethign like that, i would have no idea where to go look for that) Looking forward to some guidance...
  23. I dont drink.. so no question of drinking and driving I was subject to alchohol test recently on a sat night in bangalore. had to blow air on 2 cops faces so that they could smell my breath.. poor folks.. not given proper equipment...
  24. Since it is your first car why dont you go do some test drives also. i10 is the top preffered vehicle based on these posts. Test drive that and then maybe the spark and also estilo (even if ur not buying it you can appreciate the advantage say the i10 has when compared to others)