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  1. 2003 red Zen LXI with Aura Alloys (and a ferrari sticker...) got it 6monts back 2nd hand. 2 long trips to Chennai from Bagalore on the GQ and one to Calicut in Kerala from Bangalore... since i bought it... 2001 Hero Honda Splendor- This one got submerged underwater for a couple of days when my apartment basemnt got flooded when i was away on vacation (thankfully had taken my car) Bike was filled with water and mud everywhere when i got back and could not be moved... A local mechanic got it back to perfect condition in one day without changing any parts... I suppose thats why hordes of people still buy HH and spendor
  2. Yes rssh I was driven around in a Logan and Amby in Kolkata.I found the Logan to be a very solid stuff. When three adults (not lean and thin but average built) were seated on the rear seat' date=' the bodies do not even touch one another- its so wide. But the minus points are its not so chic interiors and the cheap quality plastics. [/quote'] Ideal qualities to run as taxi i suppose. Solid build and decent performance with plenty of space... Looks and interiors not much of a concern if running as taxi. The MERU fleet is completely Logan. Another airport taxi is called AIRTAXI. Fully innova fleet with big luggage boxes on top. Reasonable rates. Lots of people taking advantage of the distance of new airport BMTC Volvos are the best.front half has only luggage racks... Rajeevraj2008-06-26 16:09:08
  3. Bangalore does not have any paricular rush hour.. most hours are rush hours Looks like indicas are slowly giving way to logans for use as taxis. Especially airport taxis...
  4. as designersf mentioned, it probably had a lot to do with the angle and location of impact. probably similar to a karate expert breaking a bunch of bricks with his hand. specific force at a specific location... Just plain bad luck i suppose. maybe on another day you could have hit a truck and got away wit no damage... poor doggy though....
  5. @avinfine: Which part of Bangalore do you drive... I personaly feel milage while driving in bangalore city will be less than elsewhere due to the huge congestion and the fact that u need to keep shifing gears frequently.
  6. Rajeevraj


    dont think you can get anywhere close to 40K. for a 2.5 yr old bike. There are new bikes available close to that price.. I think XCD also does not cost too much more than 40...
  7. Sumit from the posts i feel that your heart is already set on the Grande.. but your mind is worried about the small issues u mentioned... I would say go for it if you like it...
  8. I think you can get a new spark also at around 4. Of course another option is take the 3.75 the company gives add some money of your own and go for a new car.
  9. I would suggest swift from the options you have given. You have a good chanc of getting a fairly new car that has not run much. truevalue cars are more expensive but they do provide you a 1 year waraanty and 3 free service. (Both the cars i bought were from true value but in bangalore) Lots of Mumbaikars in this forum. They can also probably help you find a good car through known channels. You can defn get it cheaper than true value or firstchoice
  10. It does not have a remote fuel lid opener? is it only for fabia or across all skoda vehicles? I suppose its because in most foriegn countries especially US u need to do the fueling yourself. So a remote release is not important. Is that a fair assumption?
  11. @Aditya: Yes I know. But i feel it looks ok and more importantly has a proven engine and performance and is loaded with features.
  12. If you are not too keen on features and accessories probably fiesta and aveo base can be looked at? (does the base version of these cost only 6laks? I thought these higher segment) If you want VFM and features then Dzire is the way to go. The top end Zxi will cost you around 6.25-6.5 laks on road. Most people say, it is an ugly car(I kind of like it) . But it gives you a lot of features
  13. From my experience in buying new cars i would say its better to go for the newest one you can get for your budget. The older it is however well maintained i think it will have its own wear and tear related problems. Thats what i have experienced with my current Zen. Lovely car. But because it has run 50K km keeps throwing up small issues time to time.
  14. Of course you can also wait for the Nano
  15. I would say M800. That was the 2nd hand car i bought first time in Bangalore. I bought a 2004 Oct model in 2006 March for 1.7lacs and it had run only 8000km. And that too this was from Maruti True value KR Puram. So i feel you should be able to get a very good M800 for 1.5. I would not recommend the other cars as they are by nature expensive cars and to get for 1.5 would mean you would have to compromise. Also see if you can get an alto lxi. That comes with power steering also. if you are not confident about buying from independent owners go to Maruti true Value showrooms ( you will pay a higher price but u will get a years warranty and 3 free service and all)
  16. I lov the dzire. I dont care about the looks. Through the swift it has been proved that the engine and performance is great and at 6.5 laks the features present in the dzire are really awesome and VFM
  17. If you take any car i am sure there will be plenty of people who hate it however awesome it is. Its just a personal perception.
  18. way way way off topic. Dont think it is necessary to make so much fun of dzire or any car for that matter in such a manner. Its not even construcutive critisism.
  19. Are both second hand cars? As adi1991 said, corolla is defn well higher than SX4. If you provide more details of the cars the experts in the forum can advice better.
  20. @sgiitk, yes even i was addressing RKNG. missed mentioning that. @adi1991 Yes It was a True Value car bought from Bimal Bangalore. I took it to them only for this. They were very smooth about it. Completely took care of the cost without any questioning. The service advisor did not charge me for topping the AC gas also (which is a comsumable and not under warrenty) I personally believe they did it to protect the truevalue reputation. I had bought the car from them only 5 months back and it had run around 45K kms. The mechanic was saying this compressor should last atleast 75000KM minimum. So it kinds of points to a poor refurbishment by true value before they sold it. I have had other problems like rusted window rollers, rattling doors, boot not closing until closed really hard etc... Small issues but something which clearly indicates that the "120 checks" they advertise is not really true. Good thing is that they do everything for free.
  21. This was due to AC Compressor. It was a problem that suddenly came up and not a regular noise. Once the compressor was replaced there were no issues. And it was under True Value Warranty so the company paid for it. So that makes me confident that this compressor was causing the problem. because according to what that guy told this thing costs atleast around Rs10000.
  22. Yup that is true. When i went to look at the diesl dzire. The salesman first convinced me that i do not need a diesal based on my requirement(this anyways i knew myself) then he was gently trying to convince me to go for the SX4 instead of waiting 5-6 months for a dzire. And to be frank the SX4 is an awesome car especially the tuffness of looks
  23. Looks like a cross between a swift and a matiz
  24. I think its pretty common that when a new model launches especially from Maruti people flock to buy it. I remember they had long wait times for Swift as well as SX4 when it was launched. Once the iniital rush subsides and the production ramps up it becomes quite normal. SX4 is ow a days ready for immediate delivery. @coolcar: Waiting period in Bangalore is 5-7 months for any version. That was the info i got from the 3 dealers i visited. Of course if one had booked within a few days of launch i think waiting would have been much less.
  25. Yup there is something special about a zen. Especially since its now discontinued.