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  1. harbhajan should never be playing anyway. His bowlin skills are pretty poor now. Apart from occasianal performances. Humility is something these guys should learn. Thats why Sachin is so respected by everyone. and thats one reason i like MS Dhoni now
  2. Well I just buy it from the nearest store. Its available in most supermarkets and large stores and it generally is available on the day the new issue comes out. I got the May issue a couple of days back I have noticed that now a days the couriers are becoming quite unreliable.
  3. You have a showroom and service center next door at the Sony World Signal.So buying it should be easy
  4. Noticed that there is 30 min time difference between the time i actually make a post and the time shown on the same post in the forum after posting. Why is that? No specific reason for asking. Just curious
  5. The ACI May Issue has the shootout between Dzire Logan and tata indigo. Although Dzire wins Logan is not too far behind. Maybe a test drive can help you decide. BTW where are u based? If its a smaller town u may have a long waiting period for dzire also. Just realised you are also in Bangalore. So no hope of getting dzire anytime soon. Where in Bangalore are u based? Rajeevraj2008-04-30 09:52:33
  6. I am 5" 11. Ya for seating and entering and exiting swift is prob much better. Getting into the zen is a little difficult but once ur seated that low sitting seems very comfortable. Of course i have driven the swift only a couple of times and hence i may be biased towards my car
  7. Dzire VDI is around 6.59lacs onroad in Bangalore. ZDI is 7.5 LDI is around 6 i think. But waitin period for all is atleast 5-6 months
  8. Its 6 months since i bought my 2003 model zen. So thought will put in my feedback on the car. I bought it from Maruti Truevalue and it had run 45000K when i bought it. I had gone hunting for a used alto to replace my 800 but fell in lov with this when i saw it. Since then i have driven around 6000Km. This includes a 3 week period when it ran around 3000km. What i lov about it: The performance and driving comfort. Really awesome. Since i got this I have driven the wagonR and also the swift, but somehow felt more comfortable driving the zen. The gear shifts- extremely smooth Comfortable seating and handling- The low seating is very comortable for long drives. I did an up and down drive to Chennai on the GQ and also a long drive from Bangalore to Calicut in kerala through a ghat section and Bandipur forests(roads with lot of hairpin bends and curves). It was great. Bad things: The low seating is a disadvantage in city where side corner visibility is less.. not a major issue.. more of an inconvinience Had to replace clutch and AC compressor conked off (luckily both was covered by True Value Warranty) Other small issues related to being a car that has run 45000Km Overall i am very happy with the vehicle and really enjoy driving it. Here are a couple of pics : http://picasaweb.google.com/rajeevrajasekharan/Car/photo#5194658650488731218 http://picasaweb.google.com/rajeevrajasekharan/Car/photo#5194658800812586594 Rajeevraj2008-04-29 14:39:30
  9. most people dont even wear seatbelts especially in smaller towns. my relatives laugh when they see me wearing seatbelt when i drive in my home town. And we know airbags can be life threatening if it inflates when the driver is not wearing seatbelt. I think the seatbelt rules needs to be enforced strictly before we can hope for things like Airbags and ABS to come in.
  10. I think the top end dzire petrol will be slightly beyond your budget.(Around 6.5 laks on road). And the major disadvantage that has been pointed out in Dzire is still the cramped rear seats. Milage should be same as swift as it is only 30Kg heavier than the swift I think comfortable seating for 5 is best in Logan and UVA. From experts in this forum what i have learnt is that a diesal makes sense only if you travel around 20000KM per year.
  11. also is this going to be your first car and if so do you have good experience in city driving? If not i would suggest you avoid large cars like the accent and stick to a hatchback.
  12. People out here in this forum feel free to give advice to wait upto an year for the upgrade version to come out!! I suppose waiting works for some people.I believe for stuff like cars/electronics/computers the moment you decide to buy you should go ahead and buy the one you like best currently available. Waitign for something better will result it another bunch of choices coming up. worst is booking and waiting for 7 months. You lose the freedom to try out the newer options Anyway i decided that my zen is best for now. its really fun to drive and i like the way it looks So no dzire/swift/sx4 at this point.
  13. very interesting observations. Anyway i visited 2 showrooms in bangalore. The dzires had gone for test drives but they suggested i test drive the swift diesal since the dzire uses the same engine and stuff. Awesome engine and so quiet it is. But i really dint like the notchy gears. felt my zen gear shift was nicer. of course probably because that was a demo car. Anyways any version you go for it will take atleast 7 months it seems if i book now. one showroom told for the diesal minimum time is 7 months and max can go beyond that. So i decided not to book now. 7 months is too long a wait . another reason was they valued my 2003 zen lxi at 2.2 lakhs including alloys. That seemed way too low an estimate. Another interesting point was the salesman was pushing up the benefits of the SX4. That is immediately available without any wait. The VXi version of SX4 is cheaper than the ZDi model of Dzire and they were offereing a excahnge bonus of 15000 + a corporate offer of 12000 since i am working in Intel
  14. Here is a question. I have been really attracted to the DZIRE and may go ahead and buy it. Few questions 1. I am planning for ZXI or ZDI. My running does not warrant a diesal at this point. But still does it make sense to go for the diesal as that is said be one of the best diesal motors around and hence makes the ZDI a better performer than ZXI? 2. I was really amazed with the amount of features in ZXi ZDI versions. Most of the things like ABS, Airbags, Climate control, alloys Integrated stereo etc.. are only there in the top end versions of hiher segment cars like verna, optra, honda city etc... some are not even there even in hign end versions.How is Maruti able to provide such features at this price? Question is: Can quality of things like Airbags and ABS vary? Is there something like cheaper airbags/ ABS systems that maruti can use as opposed to say an ABS in a top end honda. For things like stereo and alloys i suppose there can be a quality difference
  15. I suppose if sonata and laura are out of budget and you dont like the optra then the only other decent choice in this segment is the innova. I think the top end comes for around 11 lakhs on road. Another option would be the tata safari top end version. Although thats an SUV.
  16. Not booked. Planning to do. Want to go for the ZXi or ZDI. My running is not much so probably ZXI is the better choice but i have heard huge number of compliments about the diesal of the swift so due to that want to go for ZDI Maybe that will tempt me to go for longer drives without worrying about the cost
  17. oops my mistake/ sorry what i mentioned was the ZDI not VDI. ZDI is 7.57 on road and VDI is 6.59 as priya mentioned. Nearly a lakh difference. But you get stuff like ABS, Airbags, Alloys only in the ZXi and ZDi. So probably worth it i suppose. ZXi is 6.65 on road.
  18. @rshh oh ok. Someone here had shared pictures of a white swift with some snazzy modifications. Thot it was yours I never really liked the shape of swift but now i kind of really like the dzire. Have half a mind to sell my zen and go for the VDI Dzire. But Its 7.5 laks on road in Bangalore
  19. yup petrol in Bangalore is one of the most expensive in the country. Its 52.x for normal. And very few reliable bunks. Add to it the extensive traffic jams which results in very poor mileage
  20. I think you are correct in the statement of premium being better. But in Bangalore problem is that most petrol bunks cheat one way or the other. Search on the net will throw up 1000's on instances of cheating at petrol bunks in Bangalore. So i suppose my issue is more due related to fuel adulteration rather than the premium fuel itself Thanks for the advice.
  21. sgiitk Thanks. I really think u have hit upon what caused my problem I did mix regular and extra premium and more than that when i did some searches to find out about petrol pumps that have issues in Bangalore revealed the following: "The following are the
  22. Its not carb its mpfi Hmm i did fill petrol the day before this happened. And it happened to be that xtra premium. Realised that only after they started fillin since the petrol station indicated it as normal. Later seeing the price only i realised it was xra premium. I normally fill only regular petrol and there was a few litres of that when i filled. Could a mix of these petrols have caused this problem?
  23. It was an AC compressor problem Thankfully it was under warranty as it was a True Value car. hence they replaced it. But one daya fter that i had a the car jerking badly in 2nd 3rd gear as if it was out of petrol. Had to take it again and they said it was becos of some carbon deposits on the spark plugs. Theu cleaned and it seems to be ok now. But shouldnt these things be checked during normal service? I am thinking of selling the car and buying a Dzire.
  24. Its the VDI they have modified. Not the ZDi. The salesman himself agreed that if you do the same mods outside it will be much cheaper. BTW they have mods for swift wagonR estilo and even teh 800. They call it BIMAL Premium edition. I liked the mods on the swift. Changes include the bumper styling. Its that lowhanging bumper... not sure how to explain it. and upsizing of tyres and alloys. Looks cool. I think it is same as the mods rshh has done on his swift...
  25. I visited Bimal Showroom in bangalore yesterday. I liked the Dzire and the top end VDI has everything from ABS, AIRbags Alloys, Climate control audio system etc... All this for 6.5 lacs on road. I dont see why people are complaining.... BTW there is a 5-7 months waiting for the diesal in Bangalore Also they had a customised car with upsixed wheels UBL speaker system, reverse camera sunroof etc... for rs1.6 laks extra. that u can get it today if u want