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  1. its a continouus type grrrrr sound... not too loud...
  2. Yup Noise is there without AC also.Morning when i was driving it to service station i had not put on the AC and the noise was there. It seems to be coming from the area near the engine block.
  3. Hi, here is a question regarding my Zen. In the past few days i noticed a kind of noise comnig from the engine area. A kind of drrrrr noise as background to the normal engine sound. The car drives well and no issues there. Only this noise is there. It sometimes goes away at a higher gear also. I took it for service today and the service guy told he'll check this. Then he called me and said that the noise is becouse the AC compressor is gone and needs to be replaced. Can this be true? Firstly the AC is working perfectly fine. And secondly I dont understand how failure of AC compressor can cause such a noise. Or is AC compressor something in related to engine? BTW unrelated to the above, the service fellow also said clutch assembly needs to be replaced which i told him to do. The car has run 51000km (I bought it from True Value at 45000km. Its disapointing that they have not checked and replaced the clutch assembly before selling to me. Looks like their 120 checks are just for advertisment purpose) Any comments/suggestions? Another point is that in the past 3 weeks the car ran around 2500km in both highway and city combined. And it was driven a lot by a couple of drivers in my hometown also during this period.
  4. True Even i have a TN registered bike in Bangalore. I have paid the Karnataka road tax. Although the rule is that if ur using it in another state for more than 1 year it should be re registered. But traffic cops also are ok as long as you have paid the tax
  5. True. I bought a 2003 model Zen from True Value for 2.6. So i am sure they will be trying to sell a 2001 modiel for around 2. In that case they should give you 1.5-1.7 laks. U can try that right?
  6. I also had the vibration problem in my zen. (Had opened a thread on it also) But for me it is only in excess of 80kmph. The service station said it is due to tyres being little old.
  7. Could not find a thread on this topic. Good deals for new cars either dealer or manufacturer provided. (The Autocar Mag has it). Thought it will be useful for new car buyers coming to this forum. here is one i saw yesterday. This was from Pratham Motors Bangalore. I think its a dealer provided deal. Accesory package on WagonR Leather Upholstry 13" Alloys with tubeless tyres CD Player (forgot the brand) Few other smaller stuff like streering grip, Total around Rs35000 worth accessories free. i really liked the alloys. looked good on that display car. Similar packages for Estilo and SX4 also. (Components included vary)
  8. I dont think GM has an extensive network. Which city are you in. If it is a small town defn go for a Maruti. Of course you probably wont have frequent problems and all, but still you will need to give for regular servicing and all. So its better you have a service station in the place where you live.
  9. Ok i got Aura Alloys fitted. Normal 12" one to go with existing tyres. I wanted to go for 13" with new tyres (maybe even tubeless tyres) but did not have the budget for that . I decided not to put extensive body graphics and all. So I just put in a couple of Ferrari logo's below side indicators. I noted plenty of people having a good look at the car whn i was driving back. So i suppose it looks good . Will put up a picture soon
  10. Yes Alloys are the first step... Hopefully that will be done tomorrow Thinking ahead to the next step
  11. Hi Folks, I have a red zen. Thought about putting little body graphics to enhance the looks. Any ideas on what kind of graphics will look cool on a red car? Or does it not make sense? Thanks, Rajeev
  12. I fill from a standard place always. BP Petrol Pump Opposite Manipal Hospital Airport Road Bangalore. Been filling my bike and car from there almost ever since i came to Bangalore. So dont think its a petrol problem
  13. yup mine is 2003 model. its mpfi. Thats why i am surprised. Anyway i gav for 2nd service and the service advisor did not belive me when i said about this issue. But evening when i collected he said there was some small issue.(details even he did not know) and it has been rectified. BTW i was plannign to put alloys for it. But the Maruti service advisor advised against putting alloys on Zen( I planned on the standard size only) Is there any problems with putting alloys on zen?
  14. Very Nice FRG. Especially the tips on Highway Driving. Somehting i noticed: City Driving Be Nice I find that people always drive on high beam even on well lighted city roads. Most roads in Cities are well lighted so you dont need hi beam lights. They are just a hindarence to oncoming traffic especially on smaller roads. Anticipation Its never enough if you drive safely and carefully. Try to anticipate others movements also. This comes only with practice.
  15. Hi FRG, Admin, I was searching Google for something car related and one of results was to the AUTOCAR Forums. But Google gave me this warning: Warning - visiting this web site may harm your computer! You can learn more about harmful web content and how to protect your computer at StopBadware.org. Suggestions: Return to the previous page and pick another result. Try another search to find what you're looking for. Or you can continue to http://www.autocarindia.com/new/autocar_forum/forum_posts.asp?TID=518 at your own risk. If you are the owner of this web site, you can request a review of your site using Google's Webmasters Tools. Advisory provided by First time i am seeing such a message from google. Just thought I'll put it in here for follow up. If there is an issue hope it is resolved soon Thanks, Rajeev
  16. I have a doubt on my Zen(2003). I dont know if i can explain it well Let me try Problem is that when i take the car after it has been off for even a few hours. For a few min there seems no response after pressing the accelarator after putting it in gear. flooring accelarator in nuetral gives the normal response. But after putting it in gear and giving accelerator the car just slowly rolls forward and there seems no power. after rolling forward for sometime with the accel pressed then suddenly there is the surge of power which is normally expected in first gear comes through and then there is no issue. I am noticing this now even when the car is off for few hours. For eg: Morning to eveninig in office. Is there an reason for this. I am taking it to the Maruti Service Station next week (This is a true value car) and they have promised to rectify it. But i would like to know what can be the reason for this so that when I take it i can be more knowledgable Thanks, Rajeev
  17. You have driven the 200 as well as the RTR and its clear that u like the 200 and want to get that. So go ahead. and safe driving... dont rush around at high speeds :)
  18. As FRG said education is of paramount importance. If you want to drive a lot of cars you need to know very well about them. Its not aboutdriving it and telling it is super or terrible. You need to have the knowledge to pass judgements. Although you dont want to do engineering i would suggest automobile engineering is the best option for u. I dont see any point in you doing a BCom and then doing another course related to automobiles. That will take you much longer than 4 years. Another option is you can look for journalism degrees which offer specialisation in automobile related stuff. I really doubt that though .
  19. Never ever take the Krishnagiri-Bangalore expressway between 12am and 6am. This is the time when all the private buses from Chennai/Coimbatore/Kerala are rushing towards Bangalore.And there are 100's of them. Very very dangerous. truck traffic is also very high as all traffic from Chennai and Coimbatore side as well as from Kerala have to use this route to go north.
  20. I dont think Honda Shine is suitable for long drives. Its pretty average on ergonomics. ACI reviiew on the HUNK indicated that its the best with respect to sitting posture and ride. But as some others have said Unicorn has really good riding position
  21. Cool they came for a settlement. That seems to indicate that they know its a valid problem with the vehicle. Thats not a good sign
  22. I have bought 2 cars and both were second hand. Like you my driving experience was very limited and so i went in for a 2nd hand maruti 800 from Maruti Truevalue 2nd hand showroom. I got comfortable with driving especially in bangalore traffic. And then a year and a half later i changed it and went for a 2nd hand Zen. Again from True value. After another year i'll buy a new car which will be an SUV Here is my advice: 1. Your thought that 2nd hand cars are not relaible are not true. You can buy from Truevalue or Firstchoice. They give 3 free service and 1 year warranty. Of course the price is on the higher side but the car will be good. 2. I would suggest you first buy a decent 2nd hand vehicle and then get comfortable driving (BTW which city are you from?). And once your comfortable dispose this and buy a new maybe evn bigger one. I suppose by end of this year/early next year cars like Honda Jazz and Toyotas hatch will also come out givein you more choice. This especially makes sense if your planning to take a loan. Also if you are a new driver prob some scratches and dents may happen. Better to let that happen in an old car then a shiny new one
  23. Rugs, Can you tell me the difference between the 2? Are the ones you put on bigger tyres? Also can i get more info on tubeless tyres? Will they not go flat at all?
  24. I actually bought the car only a couple on months back fromi Truevalue. I suppose the previous owners had not rotated well. The front were completely worn out while rear was ok. Thats why the Truevalue people replaced the front tyres. So i was wondering whether to replace the rear and make all 4 uniform.