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  1. Thanks rssh. But do you think a tyre agency will replace me with the michelin for a fair cost
  2. Was looking for advice on tyres for optra magnum diesel LT. The dealer has given me Apollo Acelere. Are these good ? If not would tyre dealers exchange the brand new ones for any other ( by paying difference in cost ) ? If so which ones would the experts suggest
  3. buycar

    Teflon on ANHC

    anybody knows such specialists for 3M or teflon in mumbai
  4. buycar

    Teflon coating

    do we have the paint protection films in india ? or only the paint protection polishes / coatings like teflon ? my brother in US says they have paint protection with lifetime warranties. anybody can guide on dupont authorised dealers in pune or mumbai
  5. buycar

    Teflon coating

    Is it better than the "teflon" coating other people offer for around 2500 ? The split is 5500 for under chassis and 4750 for exteriors. Is the quote in the other thread only for exterior ?
  6. buycar

    Teflon coating

    I checked with 3M. They dont have any "3M" dealer. They operate through various car dealers and dont have any other authorised outlet. My car dealer is one of their authorised dealers. The exterior is 0,6,12 months and under chassis is 5 years warranty.
  7. I had written on this forum some weeks ago about suggestions on buying a car. Would like to say thanks for all the help and inform that i have booked a chevy optra magnum 2.0 LT to be delivered on sunday. Would like to know if it is worth getting the 3M exterior protection and the under chassis anti corrosive treatment done ? It is going to cost around 10000
  8. I think you should wait to see how the chevy cruze turns out around october or so. I think it may suit your requirements best.
  9. i am told the honda civic too costs only USD 18000-20000 in USA. Most cars are more expensive in india apparently. So i would not be surprised if the cruze is near civic range here. In fact one dealer mentioned that it would be around 14 upwards here.
  10. Any idea when it is expected to be launched and at what cost ? Is it going to replace the optra ( which i am considering to buy ) or is it going to be a higher segment like civic/laura ? If it will cost just a little more than the optra would the launch be accompanied by a further discount for optra ?
  11. Had a look and drove the Linea today and didn't really like it at all. The interiors were so so especially if you compare with the innova, leave alone the altis. I think i will have to decide between the city (which is not the ideal highway car) and the octavia (with service and repair issues). Or jump budget for the innova. Difficult decision really
  12. Both the Innova and Corolla Altis versions which fit in my budget of sub 11 are without Air bags. I liked the Corolla Altis very much. Really great finish. How much of a safety risk is not having air bags ? I will be having a look at Linea tomorrow, but isn't it underpowered ? Also i hear that Tata dealership has a step motherly attitude towards Linea buyers ?
  13. Like i wrote earlier, at my monthly running, diesel cars will save around Rs.40000/- per year. However given the difference in costs between say a diesel octavia and a petrol honda, it will take over 5 years to break even. At most times there wont be more than 4 adults in the car, so the space should not be a problem
  14. Is it true that the Corolla Altis is being offered a discount price currently ? Also are there other cars in this 10 lac segment on the anvil that one should wait for ?
  15. I think i am more comfortable with a sedan than an SUV, except maybe an Innova. From a safety perspective how would the Honda city compare with the Innova and Octavia