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  1. i think that vw has gone CRAZY or perhaps over excited after the great response of their new launching in the fourth coming months. i mean who could imagine a 1001 bhp monster VEYRON doing 10-20kmph in between the rickshaws and cyclewallas,such a waste of bhp!!! and afterall seeing a Veyron in such a great road condition is like"A COMPLETE TORTURE TO EYES"
  2. oh my god!!!!! hope the owner is in a well mental state than his physical state. looking at the turn indicators it looks like the car is 2-3 year old.and also look at those spoilers,they come out only when the car is doing high speed.
  3. and yes Ranbir kapoor has a white Range Rover while saif ali khan has a black one.also katrina has a black Audi Q7.
  4. hey guys,i saw Sahid kapoor getting keys of his all new 2010 Range Rover from mr. ratan tata, in an article in newspaper.
  5. hello everyone, going through the ACI's october issue when i saw the pics of frankfurt motor show i came across many latest cars which seems to me like copied or inspired from the other current production cars.... like. the all new 6th gen Sonata - Merc CLS. Orlando crossover from chevy - seems to be a smart combination of a captiva and mitsubishi outlander. bently Mulsanne - RR's phantom+bently flying spur also dont you think that the new ford figo is just a cramped version of the on sale ford fusion hatch in india,with new rear windshield and new tailamp casing. pls add more post on the cars which you think are copied or inspired from the other cars.
  6. superb scoop v12 did u manage it as it's all private area.great job
  7. hey guys it may also be possible that the cars are been taken to frankfurt for the upcoming frankfurt motor show for display which is going to start next week and it looks like the company wanted to get the car to get to the place fast,as the cars are propossed to be made in india so the 3 completed cars in india are probably send to frankfurt for display.nothing else
  8. wow it's awesome!!!! it's killer looks and only 20 such car will be made,make this beautiful machine even more rare and precious..
  9. i really liked the lp640 . it's amazing to see 3 exotic cars in one garage and that too in india!!!!!!
  10. nice pics but whose garage is it??????
  11. also SRK was seen in his bentley convertible in iipm campus in mumbai.actually in two bentleys.not know that both of them was of his own or not??
  12. also it is been belived that p200 will have 2 engine options one normal 200cc dtsi and the other 200cc dts-fi
  13. this is a true news the bike is soon going to be realeased and is good looking too,it will have the same front fairing of the p220 but will be cheaper than p220 and the rest is said to be the same
  14. the future of cars is hybrids,soon each of every 100 cars will be a hybrid's future in india is golden.government should also apply some price cutting schmes for all kinds of hybrid vehicles in so that more and more people opt for a hybrid car to a normal the next 4-6 years their would be plenty of options available for the indian buyers to buy a hybrid car. lokking forward to the launch of new hybrid car in india
  15. also that old retro styled instrument cluster with funky colours should be changed with a new all digital instrument cluster.