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  1. How did you manage to see the interiors!! and whats wrong with the 1.3L DDiS for this light sedan?
  2. @designersf its not about being fan of hyundai or maruti, if popping up some negative points about new waggy makes u judge me biased then i will not accept it. i drove new waggy and found the engine less punchier and peppier thn before, have you drove it yet? By placing the i10 below Beat you have proved that you haven't seen beat closely yet, its no where in the league of i10. the above hierarchy of cars was just my personal view (IMO means In My Opinion), i never said that I am a God and everyone should follow me. I chose to put Ritz below i10 because of awkward hatch design and inferior interior to i10. Look at the list carefully and u'll be able to notice that i've put Waggy even after estilo, so does it means that m biased towards Estilo too? i can just laugh over your parameters to judge a person
  3. this is interesting... when Maruti can tune the engine for Omni, then what wrong with 800?? i think they intentionally withdrew it from metros to accommodate their degraded new alto in that slot and make little room in their own created suffocating hatch segment. Degraded Alto also can be an indication that Maruti is planning to introduce Cervo here to compete with Spark and upcoming small car from Tata.
  4. that new punto looks much punchier IMO. punto never had good interiors and i wonder why fiat choosed to launch it like that. may be because they wanted to introduce another version of punto that can pull the attention of new buyers and on other hand, fiat can pocket some more money
  5. m still looking for those people who were beating Hyundai for revamping the Santro. both the USPs of wagonR are gone now i.e. Boot space and peppy engine. everyone is shouting about the extended leg space at rear, but thts not at all significant though its at par to i10 now. most of the extended length of the car has gone to the nose of the car to accommodate the new engine. if we leave behind the top model of waggy, rest of the models dnt looks nice as far as the central console is concerned. space provided for two din audio setup looks pretty odd. In instrument cluster, digital temp gauge is again a sore point and circle at the right of the speedo gives "smthing is missing" like feeling. In top model, the steering reminds of the SX4, A*, Swift but lacks the steering mounted controls. Maruti should learn to set example to others rather thn just following others. Steering mounted control in this segment would have gave waggy a definite edge in this segment. The tires looks very puny even in top model (i am awaiting for the comments for those people who thrashed i10 for puny tires) Noice filtration is not really good and body transmit almost everysound into the cabin, NVH level are worse than even estilo, leave behind the Beat or i10. K10 lacks the initial punch and struggles in first couple of gears Overtaking on highway seriously requires a down shift. Panel gaps are very evident and are surely reminds of Tata Indica ( Tata team can afford a smile now) Gap between bonnet and chrome strip is also look strange. it seems Maruti was in hurry to launch it. finishing touches are just missing. Cup holder provided just above glove box looks like as it will break out bcz of weight. It is also prone to sudden push by co-passenger's hand that may make u purchase a new one for u Wide heavy chrome strip at boot again reminds me of Tata manza. i dont knw why maruti thinks tht indians love chrome so much. IMO, if i have 3.5 - 4 lakhs to spend, my choice would be i10 > Ritz > Beat > Estilo > WagonR Endless2010-04-27 07:53:22
  6. impressive, but its sad to hear about no intro of TSI.
  7. it is absolutely right IMHO as long as water wastage is concerned. people should understand to not to waste the drinking water in such way.
  8. @bala: ok bala, ari will take care of it in future, lets get back to the topic now
  9. may be not 3k or 4k but yes Honda City had continuously done 2.5k every month and having 1.5 under hood and ofcourse new love for indian people ( upcoming) linea 1.6
  10. just a tons of project work at work place, Soft. Eng. are made for it. just like diesel engine, meant to be long run and keep u ahead always
  11. right unless they launch i40 here, till then they need to concentrate on hatches only
  12. How cheap you are to run' date=' will you run for 5 KMs for Rs 50. Courier guys may need people who are cheap to run & maintain. Also do participate in Marathons. Win some Golds for India in Olympics. All the best. Stop using sms english.[/quote']i think its an abusive language, better to keep it in a check, and don't do this again.