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  1. I drove the 1.2 Kappa. It wasn't that powerful. I didn't find much difference between the 1.1 and 1.2 kappa i10,however kappa had a better power than the 1.1. Thats why my mind shifted towards Getz 1.3 and an added advantage is it gives more space. And i mentioned it wrongly that the prize difference between i10 and getz is just 1000. It is Rs.10000 actually. Anyways not much difference.

  2. Hey today i came to know tat getz(1.3) and i10 have a price difference of just 1000Rs. I am seriously considering of going for the getz only because of its extra space than i10. I dont wanna go for Ritz because it has a very small boot space. Suggestions pls..

  3. Oh ya i felt the same. Getz is underpowered. Swift doesn't fit my budget i guess and its an old model,released in 2005 itself. I forgot to mention one point, i'm a 6 footer. But i didn't feel i10 cramped while driving it. Guess people sitting behind me would find it difficultsmiley4.gif.

  4. I am preferring the i10 kappa. But i may go for long drives occasionally. As i10 does not have much rear space, will it be tolerable for occasional long drives? I notice that no one is commenting about Getz. 

  5. hey,

        I am a college student. I am planning to buy a small car.

    My budget is 4L. I have short listed i10, Getz and Ritz. I checked out all the three. The interiors of ritz is not as impressive as the other two. Getz and Ritz give more rear space than i10, but i get only a 1.1litre engine in Getz for my budget. I need a decent mileage rather than a excellent mileage like the one Ritz gives. I am confused among those three. SO help me out guyssmiley1.gif.