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  1. after alot of research im planning to pick up the fiesta. found that its cost of maintenence is not that high compared to the other cars. i dont know about the fusion, but on this same site many experts have recommended me the ford fiesta. so do test drive it.
  2. hey guys, i recently read in the cars section of times of india. ford has reduced the cost of maintenence by further decreasing the spare parts of all of its cars. this is too tempting to resist. and its also a good sign. however, im also looking for some reviews on the maintenence costs from current ford owners running to the nearest ford dealer
  3. well that is indeed my query on the fiesta. i have decided to pick the fiesta up and my only enquiry is regarding the cost of maintenence. its good to know ragash that the parts are cheap from ford and that the maintenence costs have reduced. that would indeed make it a more preferable choice for me. thanx ragash. any more info from you and the others on the maintenence costs of ford fiesta is welcomed
  4. That is interesting Merc. Ya, your suggestion was like your name, Mercedes. I think the Honda is too expensive to pick up, especially in a time of recession. How long will the ford verve take to come out in India. i dont mind waiting a little, but cant wait too long either.
  5. Thanx rohank. I agree that the car needs to be righfully maintained in order to minimize the costs. The scheme of ford is attractive as well and i think its maintenence cost is very competitive comapred to other sedans.
  6. rssh, that sounds like a good scheme from ford. I would like to take advantage of such schemes, so that i dont need to bother about maintaining a new car, after a period of 2 or 3 years. Do any of the owners know how much they spend on maintenence?
  7. rssh can u tell me more about the cost of maintenence of ford? where can i find more info on this scheme. It would be nice to not think about servicing for 3 yrs sounds like a good scheme along with its new offer.
  8. thanx for the information guys. sqiitk, im a maruti fan and owner myself but the swift dzire is not the car i like. its looks are horrible and its not comfortable at al.. the SX4 is nice but way above my budget....im looking for something which is high on performance and ofcourse handling.... its good to know that fiesta is a drivers car... but will indeed look into its cost of maintenence...
  9. sqitk, what do you think about the ford fiesta? theres a good offer on it for mumbai and delhi for 5.5 lakhs and it seems like a very good car in its category.
  10. thnx for the info guys. i will look out for the accent as well juggernaut. rssh, do u think i need to change the alloy wheels on the fiesta as well? i heard that the handling of the car is very good. plus, when i test drove the car, i felt very comfortable. the steering response time was excellent, especially while turning at speed corners.
  11. rssh tell me more about the zxi please. Ya i heard about the offer. its till the end of june i think. But i have time until then to investigate further for a price of 5.5 lakh, i think fiesta is a steal i could not find any other quality sedan with that price and it fits my budget too.....
  12. Sorry guys for not replying, was busy testing some cars. i tested the ford fiesta and the swift dzire.. the dzire was ok but i hate its looks and its less spacious, so i have doubts about it... the fiesta, its comfy and i love how it looks. plus i heard they have an offer on it, so i will get more info on it and other cars before i pick 1
  13. thanks cyrus. i was looking around 5 to 6 lakhs. I have a tight budget so im also looking forward to low cost on maintenence. looking forward to your suggestions
  14. Hi, my name is Ralf and i am from delhi. I currently own a maruti 800 for 4 years now and im planning to buy another car. I am looking for a sedan with ample of power and speed. Ofcourse with speed, i need to keep safety in mind, so please recommend an entry level sedan with ample safety features. A good braking system is a must.