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    coweaseme reacted to Labeeb in Driving on Rainy Days   
    One of the most common error I had found among the Indian Drivers are that they always switch on the Rear Fog Lamp unnecessarily. Most Importantly even the Manufacturers are not advising about its usage, i.e., Rear Fog Lamp should be turned on only in case of Fog or otherwise it will cause Glare to the Vehicle behind your Car.
    Further, nowadays, it is seen as Fashion among the Drivers to turn on the Hazard Flashers during Rainy Days under the impression of getting attention from others; resulting high Glare to other Vehicle users.
    I understand that, all these things are happening only due to lack of knowledge.
    Therefore, I request everyone to educate about the timing & usage of Fog Lamps & Hazard Flashers.
    Please do not use these things unnecessarily, especially on Rainy Days.
    Let's make our Road Safer for everyone.
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    coweaseme reacted to sachins in Pic: Toyota Camry hybrid testing in India.. Will it work? EDIT: Now launched   
    Camry hybrid will cost around 40% more than petrol one, so the cost will be too high.
    But i think Toyota is anyway not eyeing volumes yet. They are working towards NEMMP 2020 and working with vendors to have high localisation of components.
    They see hybrid as a viable mass volume alternative to diesel in long run.
    Toyota being pioneer in hybrid technology will certainly give them that initial head start advantage.
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    coweaseme reacted to Sstar in Spy shots: Tata Indica eV2 facelift spotted   
    i think without major interior changes this car remains a taxi segment first love.