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  1. Some one please tell me why to buy this over a Duster? Duster has more space, looks better, runs on diesel and is 4X4.
  2. Please buy a CBR 250R. You wont regret it. If short on money, buy the Pulsar 200 NS.winner482012-06-21 20:00:03
  3. Looks much much better than its elder sibling the koleos. Interiors are pretty decent too. Will we get a Nissan badged one as well?
  4. There is a folklore in Amritsar that PB 02 AK 0047 sold for Rs. 10 Lakh for a Skoda Octavia.
  5. Well, then I will buy it after 18 months. At this price, honestly, I wouldnt go near it. I would rather save another lakh, and buy the GT650N. (retails at 3.85, doesnt it?)
  6. I thought it has been already launched.
  7. 1.6 Petrol and paddle shifters, please.
  8. Welcome to the forum CarCrazy.
  9. It also has to do with the modification ability and the chasis.
  10. A multi-quote feature would be nice.
  11. We never thought it was possible but a scale-model of a Lamborghini Aventador crafted by a former Mercedes-Benz engineer is reportedly more expensive than the costly model it's actually based on. According to German online news portal, model car builder Robert Gulpen created the 1:8 scale Aventador out of carbon fiber, just like the actual car. Incorporated into the scale model car, however, are several precious metals and stones. The diamonds on the seats, steering wheel and headlights, and the gold used on the wheels supposedly have a combined value of
  12. XUV 5 Double Oh Even weirder.
  13. XUV 5 Oh Oh Ever heard of a weirder name?
  14. Nope. Nobody here that I know of has one.
  15. Wouldnt the lasers blind the other road users?
  16. I dont really think there is an i3 netbook in the market now. PS: Looking for some tablets?
  17. Thankfully, no beige. Oh and 160 BHP. Wants me to go there and rip the RS badge.
  18. Well, the deal I am talking about is on flipkart, just in case you wanted to know.
  19. Is the PSP worth buying for 8000 Rs
  20. Dude, you want AutoCar to turn into Filmfare?
  21. what is CPC2? Are you referring to the Continental CPC2 tyres?