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  1. We all know the fact that Renault cars are sold as Samsung in Korea. So my question is shouldnt brand have been called Samsung here? Samsung enjoys a nice reputation here in India, much in contrast to the Renault brand. Which means less brand building efforts.
  2. Yes, lower the tyre profile, the worse is the ride, and the better is the handling. Durango Dude2011-08-26 07:10:27
  3. I do find it funny that you resurface with one or another update the very next day that I think about you.
  4. Thats why i am asking u experts that have u heard about this problem or not. Nope.
  5. There is a difference of over a lakh between the two.
  6. 1: So is design your only parameter to buy a bike? But the stunner, looks a million bucks. Also you can consider fazer and the hunk. Dazzler also 2: Yes, hero will launch a new 150cc bike soon. It is hero impulse. 3: Maybe a couple of more months 4: What exactly do you mean by electronic bike? I guess you mean Electric start. Then hayabusa has only electric start and no kick start. Does that mean it has manufacturing problems?
  7. ^ You shouldnt have sold the torch. One helluva, phone, that.
  8. Why cant manufacturers make one? I mean a Karizma ZMR with ABS, for say, 10K more, wouldnt hurt anyone, would it?
  10. Apache is not good looking and is not Fuel Injected CeeBeeR is not an affordable and good looking bike.
  11. Looks like nobody bothered to read the first line.
  12. This is NOT a what bike querry. Consider this as a rant against the various 2 wheeler manufacturers for depriving us of decent machines. (PS: It is not often that you come across a rant put up as a question) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- All I want is a good looking Fuel Injected ABS equipped affordable and good looking bike. Am I asking for too much?
  13. Wagon R wins this hands down. The Estilo is clearly a generation older. Also, why only Maruti?
  14. I dont know whether to congratulate you for the new car, or to offer condolences for letting off a much-better, gem-of-a-car let go.
  15. 90 K for a TBird with 17 K on the odo. You got to be kidding me.
  16. The booking's already started in some showrooms, and a September launch is anticipated. Also the company ALWAYS denies rumours till they launch it. Even if the launch is tomorrow, they will say "we would like to deny the news"
  17. Infact, my friend, we are under-critical of MS. Tell me why have there been 40 K bookings, even without looking at or TD-ing the car?
  18. Aria 4X2 base. Or wait for the new safari(codename: Merlin)
  19. Just rumours, my friend.winner482011-08-08 10:22:35
  20. I, for one wouldnt EVER buy the CBR. I loathe it from the core of my heart And as luck would have it, I get to see it daily. And also it is a single.
  21. For SUV, it's Fortuner Funny! I always thought it was Endeavour.