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  2. Source: ?????? Please post the correct source along with the post.
  3. I dont know if this is the right thread, but still... Is the Motorola FlipOut worth buying?
  4. winner48


    Ford Fiesta 1.6 Price 5 lakh 55 thousand. On Road 6 lakh.
  5. @ TSiVipul read this.winner482011-07-14 14:41:09
  6. Length limitation? I never heard of it.
  7. With the current taxi brand image, and the hardly present service centre backup, in one word(actually two): EPIC FAIL
  8. Dehradun Delhi is a smooth wide 4 lane road.
  9. I once travveled in the back seat of the Tavera from Dehradun to Delhi, and I threw up thrice on the way. I would rather sit cramped, than throwing up due to the suspension.
  10. Buy the tempo traveller and modify it to make it a house on wheels. Seriously, I fail to see whats wrong with the xylo or the innova? Or if you got truckloads of cash lying around, go buy the Merc R Class.
  11. Sandy I have observed the fact that whenever you post images or any news,, you never mention the source. By not mentioning the source, you claim to have full responsibility of the content, and that is also a copyright infringement. PS: The pics first appeared on the Suzuki GS150R Facebook page.
  12. Check the spark plugs first.
  13. Get reverse sensors. And buy anything and everything you like?
  14. Can anyone please tell me why is there so much of excitement over a Chinese SUV which is going to be powered by a couple of decades old Diamler engine?
  15. I dont even have an account on these social networking sites.
  16. A 1.75 lakh price cut means that that Honda has definitely been making more profits than that. Wasnt it daylight robbery?
  17. Did MTV even once say stunt on the roads, or stunt without gear?
  18. Doing stunts is abnormal? USA and Europe are abnormal people just because they have legalized stunting. Ridiculous.
  19. Well, you should have asked him, "Excuse me sir, but could you please explain your dealings with the kochi ipl team and the fiasco around it. He would have left everything and vanished in seconds."
  20. I see this as a rant against stunting, rather than a rant against the show. Either way, It is high time the Govt. legalized it, like in other European countries.
  21. And since there is ABS on your bike, your wheel will not lock up, so use both the brakes.
  22. Since he is a beginner, I would definitely recommend ABS. And the Ninja 250 doesnt have ABS. So, now list of bikes available with ABS CBR 250 Apache 180 There are a helluva lot of issues with the CBR. Plus I thought that it would be too powerful for a beginner. So I recommended Apache 180 ABS.
  23. First TD then buy. Remember it as well as you remember breathing.
  24. Well dude, for a first timer, nothing beats the Apache 180 ABS