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  1. Dude, do you want a diesel or petrol? Do you want hatch or sedan? If you want a FA$T hatch, go for Grande Punto. For a fast sedan, Try The DZIRE.
  2. Hey dude, set aside your priorities. If you want comfort, NOTHING beats linea. If you are more of a driving enthusiast check out the SX4 and Fiesta.
  3. Guys, i am a little confused. Chevrolet has said it will launch its new small car in December 2009. Which car will it be? new Spark(BEAT) or New U-VA(known as phoenix in Europe)???? Confusing, isn't it?
  5. According to me jazz is over-priced and fabia looks outdated and obsolete. go for i20 or wait for Punto
  6. it is too small to be the new honda civic.
  7. If given the money, which one would you choose? 1: Audi A6 2: BMW 5- Series 3: Merc C-class 4: Volvo S80 5: please specify(cannot include SUV or soft-roader) VOLVO = my choice!
  8. That is extremely EXTREMELY UGLY . Post Edited. Short posts are not encouraged on this forum. Also, Please type in Standard font specifications. CYRUS432009-06-15 10:15:25
  9. Which will be a better car, vista or punto? Cant wait for June 17
  10. does it have a fuel-gauze(one of the most important things on the console IMO)
  11. i think it is the current xcd 135cc. moreover it is already in production, so i dont think a 125cc option coming soon.
  12. to me it looks a lot like ritz
  13. which one of the above(all petrol) vista indigo CS Ikon accent