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  1. 3 lakh Kawasaki Ninja 250. Nothing even comes close.
  2. I agree on the CBR part. A totally worthless bike, IMO. @ Crazy I believe there is no use recommending him the R15 if we dont know his height/build. Like imagine he is 6'3" he would look stupid on an R15. PS: Since you are a beginner, ge t an Apache RTR 180 ABS It would help you.
  3. Do you know how to ride a cycle? If yes, then: Go buy a second hand TVS XL50, and cut your teeth on that. If no, then: You got to learn cycling first.
  4. I am tired of seeing photoshopped images of new pulsars and spy images of the new R15. Its high time the pulsar speculation dies down, or a spy shot commes. PS: The PHOTOSHOPPED Pulsar looks to be highly inspired by Suzuki Slingshot.
  5. The current car: Bike ratio is 200:10 Bring it to 140(car):70(bike) and I will consider it.
  6. Why do we compare the innova to the Aria. Innova base variant costs like 10 Lakh OTR Aria base: 13 Lakh OTR Fair comparison: I dont think so
  7. I found nothing wrong with the survey questions. And as for the reason why I stopped buying ACI: There is a simple reason to it. TOO LITTLE TWO WHEEL CONTENT
  8. What is ANHV? It is "Fluidic Verna"
  9. @ dr nishhu Your posts are appearing in a weird manner, having allignment problems. Back to topic It is perfect for people who cant afford a Xenon. Wish they put a 4X4 in it, though.
  10. Post deleted: Off-Topic discussion is best kept to PM route. BornFree2011-07-07 17:44:07
  11. Where is the mini-xylo and the cheaper aria in the list?
  12. I thought the guy who filed the case was from Canada.
  13. @ asethi919 It is not only the auto manufacturers are the sole wrong-doers. Just look at the deodorant ads, for instance.
  14. All the show said was it was showcasing technologies that are used currently, and will be be used in the future. Audi decided to emphasize it, so it be it. And FYI, Suzuki is not an Audi subsidy, and yet it was there.
  15. FYI Autocar never said it was invented on Audi A4. Autocar also tested ESP on the swift. Does that mean that the swift is the first car to use ESP. Next time, just dont watch the episode, PAY ATTENTION to it. LISTEN to it.
  16. And how much would they cost me? BTW, what is the company name?
  17. He will have to import it. A COMPLETE hassle
  18. I agree with Bala. It is a lovely SUV. Just that it is a victim of public perception.
  19. 8 thousand KM in two years? Thats it? Why did you buy it?
  20. Since we all are discussing tech here....... Anybody who would like to comment on the future of Bada OS?
  21. Ducati making cruisers is just like Harley making Superbikes. They are bound to be rubbish.
  22. Congrats. A really wonderful car/SUV. My favourite luxury brand in India.
  23. Just arrived in Dehradun. VACATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!