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  1. And how is a phone in a lead casing supposed to catch network signals?
  2. Post deleted: Double post. Note from ACI-Support: No more OT posts, this is not a general discussions thread. BornFree2011-06-15 17:38:26
  3. The famous "Superb one liners author" as we most remember' date=' start showering youor comments.[/quote'] You are the only guy who remembers me. eew dude, u called me valthaty? Wasnt Velthaty the guy who got the Passat? BornFree2011-06-15 17:39:52
  4. Honda CR-V A diesel mill
  5. I seriously dont get it. Why doesnt Hyundai actually sell it on an 'Order basis' Since they already export it from here, I wonder whats the issue?
  6. Nothing beats Fazer in this segment.
  7. I second Dr_Nishu Karizma ZMR and the Avenger 220 are the only choices.
  8. Today I logged ob back to ACI forum after a long long long LOOOOOOOOONG time. I bet not many of you remember me.
  9. You cant do that till you get 1000 posts. PS: that doesnt mean you start spamming to get to that mark quickly. It took me 1 year + to get here.
  10. Yes, go ahead if the car IF it has a full service history.
  11. Well 1: you didnt read his requirements. He wants a boot. 2: Beat diesel is expected to be pretty average and nothing compared to the figo diesel. @ mods: I suspect some suspicious behaviour. This guy is talking about nothing except chevy cars.
  12. winner48

    Linea T-Jet

    Some people(like me) buy it just because it is understated. PS: Such people buy an Volvo S80 over a Merc E class or a BMW 5
  13. @ BF Not considering the city? Umm... maybe I shouldnt have asked this question, as you, like me, absolutely hate Honda. Get a diesel corolla.
  14. Fully faired. Will (somewhat) look like a Ninja.
  15. ^ It all started with the i10 and now has taken India by storm and made life HELL
  16. And add Punto 90 BHP to the list. Extremely fun to drive. And more spacious than a Dzire. winner482010-09-16 04:13:02