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  1. That is the maximum boot space I have seen on any hatchback.
  2. What about Manza? IMO, it is the only car that can rival your corolla in terms of space.
  3. I am sick of this argument "Where are the roads?" Well, I do Amritsar-Delhi NH1 highway every week and the roads are flawless. Smooth, wide and FAST. So, well, the roads are here for me. And try hard enough, you WILL find yourself a good driver's road somewhere near you.
  4. Lancer = Why? Why?? WHY??? Fiesta = new one expected soon(being tested) Vento = If interior space is not much of a concern, and if you are looking for a car that has some snob value, and if you want some driving pleasure Linea = VFM My pick: Linea
  5. @ Sarabjeet Ninja(stock) achieves a top speed of 200 KM/hr. Both the 220 and R15 can get to a max of 130.
  6. Congrats on your purchase, buddy. Wish you many happy miles with it.
  7. The ninja never really took off because it was expensive. Come think of it, 3 lakhs for a bike? Nobody pays that much for a bike here in India. Another reason was that we Indians dont count the BHP, we count the cc. So even though the ninja has 34 BHP, the everyday Indian thinks it is just 250 cc(i.e. just 30 cc more than pulsar 220) It is high time Indians learn about the difference between BHP and cc. I have even seen people reject R15 because it is just 150 cc. When I get talking about the BHP, they have no answer.
  8. Oh I get it. Saudi Arabia(and other Islamic countries) follow a strict internet censoring policy.
  9. @ anjan The babu(er, I should say senior govt official) has said a second rate Japanese auto firm. And Proton is NOT Japanese
  10. I thought you would be having enough brain to copy and paste the url in the adress window if the links were not working, but guess what, I was wrong.
  11. Here are a few links I found on the web. And a Hayabusa that was owned by Salman Khan(if you are his fan) 19:21:34
  12. Out of the above lot, I would pick the Manza. It is the newest car of the lot and as good as(if not better) than the competition.
  13. R1 will be the best selling bike. ROFLMAO No other bike will sell here in india except Bajaj Platina or HH Splendor.
  14. I feel that beat's design is the major factor for its downfall. Its design is a little too flamboyant for the middle aged people(majority of car buyers are middle aged) And the interior space is too cramped(compared to its nearest competitor aka figo) The figo is a strong product and coupled with the Ford badge, it just took away the initial hype from the beat.
  15. @ susan It is generally not advised to give your phone No. on public forums. Anyways, lets wait and watch. Till now, we have only 2 confirmed members i.e. you and me
  16. @ asethi I guess we are the only delhi members. Or are there some more?CYRUS432010-09-06 17:57:51
  17. Oh come on. I find it unbelievable that there is no member from Delhi except me.
  18. 19th of September Anyone game for it?