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  1. But buddy the thing is that GM = not Japanese Mitsu, Isuzu = not second rate.
  2. Guys The babu didnt name any company, he just said"a second rate company" Could it be Daihatsu? If yes, I would finally be able to own a Copen. Hallelujah!
  3. @ guys I can give you a link to the article if you want. The guy said Kia AND a second rate firm. Moreover, kia is korean, isnt it?
  4. SAY HELLO to the 2011 Kawasaki W800 - a parallel-twin engined classic bike clone set to replace the company's now defunct W650. The new 800cc machine is set to go head-to-head with the Triumph Bonneville 800 in the replica classic market, with a retail price rumoured to compete with the Bonneville's ?5,899 price tag. In line with the new bike's 150cc hike over the old W650, Kawasaki's new W800 will produce more power, too. It's estimated the parallel-twin will produce around 70bhp. Source: Visor Down winner482010-09-04 13:13:05
  5. According to a senior state official from the industry department of Tamil Nadu, the government has received proposals worth Rs7,000 crore, mainly from automobile companies. The proposals in hand are led by automobile, electronics and heavy engineering. The official noted, that the state already houses top 10 global auto makers and now the focus is on second rung automobile companies. Proposals in the pipeline include Kia Automotive Group and a Japanese second rung automobile company, he said, while refusing to disclose the name. Source: Business Standardwinner482010-09-04 09:15:28
  6. Post deleted: Useless one-liner. BornFree2011-06-11 09:01:37
  7. Pulsar, like all Bajaj bikes will have issues. Being a HH customer, you must have now come to appreciate reliability. I would advice you to get another ZMR. 1: ZMR 2: Fazer (it is a bigger bike than R15, go TD it. Stats to hell) 3: P220
  8. This survey reaffirms my belief that Skoda's A.S.S. is not bad and their small issues were blown out of proportion by an evidently Anti-Skoda lobby.
  9. winner48

    BMW X1

    IIRC' date=' Freelander retails around 35L dear.[/quote'] Freelander 2 costs 35 lakhs. But reports suggest that tata may build the Freelander 2 here in India. That would bring the prices down to 24-25 lakhs. That is why everyone here is also comparing the freelander to the X1 and CR-V ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I do indeed find it ridiculous that this thread is placed in the international scene whereas the car has been actually caught testing here in India. winner482010-09-02 14:10:40
  10. Post deleted. Thread moved.BornFree2010-09-02 12:35:16
  11. Even I love this car. I love the rear windows and the 2 door body style. Looks insanely macho. But would I buy it? Hell, no. I know the upkeep problems. Though if I get one for dirt-cheap, I may well consider buying it.
  12. Price: 17.5 Lakh ABS, LCD readouts of fuel, Coolant temp level, Honda ingnition security system, Ambient temperature and ABS indicator Launching in 2 colors Candy prominence red and Seal Silver Metallic
  13. oil cooler Fuel Injection Rear disc brake. Full fairing. Are these present in Karizma R? And R15 will be too cramped for you. Go for a test drive of both karizmas and R15 and decide.
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    Well, it will be a classic one day. And yes, Lets get back to topic.
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    @ cyrus So are you the right guy to come to when I want to restore my crappy unreliable rust-ridden Bajaj CT100?
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    @ dhanisidhu You are from Punjab and Punjab has some great options when it comes to 4X4 option 1: Go to Moga and get a Mahindra Classic. Moga is the hub where Jeeps are modified. option 2: In punjab, it is common for gypsies to be fitted with toyota diesel engines. Track down one such used car. option 3: Wait for Mahindra Thar
  17. @ arkboy Is this a photoshop or a production model?