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  1. Thanks guys for all the information. I will get the battery checked and go for a maintenance-free one next.
  2. I have been the owner of a Maruti Alto LX since Dec 2006. I got a paid servicing done in mid-February. A couple of days back, it refused to start from ignition. This was when the vehicle was in running condition almost every alternate day, and was serviced just around 3 months back. I checked the battery electrolyte levels and they were way below the minimum mark. Is it possible that this was missed during servicing? I called the Maruti service guys and they say the battery has discharged from use, will not give sufficient power draw for ignition and will need to be checked. They are not ready to accept that it was a servicing fault. What is the average life of a factory-fitted Maruti Alto battery? My car is equipped with a central locking system and power windows (front). Will they have any effect on the life of the battery?