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  1. As I am taking GLX model, its having the central lock feature.Can anyone suggest for the keyless entry system along with security features available in kolkata.
  2. Yes, I have chosen the Silver one, which is out of stock, so they told me it will be a fresh one. But I will take a TD before taking. But I am taking petrol GLX as I might have to go for long term outside due to my job and it will run @1000km/mnth. What do you suggest. My friends are asking me to go for Dicor, but it will be > 5L.
  3. Anijog, which model you have? Petrol or TDI or Dicor
  4. Dear friends, I am totally agree with you on i10 & i20 but as I have a santro already, buying this car for extra space with modarate mileage and less budget, Cs & Getz comes to my pic. I had taken the TD of Cs. The space within that budget is unbelievable. Suspension and rear seat comfort is really great, rather better than hyundai and it was smooth. Surely the 1.2 cant give you that much power but withing this price range this compact sedan is really VFM, if it wont give you trouble in future. Regarding Getz, hyundai itself are not sure how long they will continue this model, but it wont be a problem, but it is overpriced as per its performance & comfort. Somehow I feel, hyundai himself are not interested much to sell Getz or i20. And here for i20, have to wait appx 2 mnths. This is my opinion after taking the TD of both the car. Dicor engine is really good. I have taken the TD of both dicor and petrol. Noise and vibration issue is handled with care in this Dicor. I will let you know my exp after getting this car.
  5. Thanks everyone for your valuable comments. I am still confused b/w Indigo Cs Glx or Getx 1.3 Gvs. I am going for Petrol model as I will be driving appx. 1000km/mnth. and due to my job I may need to go out of country for long term while the car will be in garage. As per my review Cs has better mileage (12 compared to 10), space than Getz but Getz is much smooth, comfortable & reliable. Cs has a noise issue as well as engine is not as good as Getz. Both comes below 5L and looks are attractive to me. I need to book this car by this week so please suggest your valuable feedback.
  6. Sorry, I am not aware of any discount on Getz. And not considering just b'coz of its price. My budget is around 5L.
  7. Thanks Anijog. I also like that car and pretty much decided to go for that. I need to drive 40 km daily and around 1000k /month. Will it be cost effective for me with extra maintaining cost. Plz let me know how much extra maintainance cost for this diesel (Dicor). And what is mileage you are getting.
  8. Thanks guys....can you please tell me the milage for Vista Qjet and Cs Dicor and petrol Cs GLX. As I already mentioned I need to travel 40kms daily within city, will it be efficient for buying diesel car. The speedometer position in vista looks something odd to me however it doesnt matter with the performance.
  9. I am going to buy a new car. Budget is around 5L. I like the Getz GLS and Indigo CS modelbut confused among these. As the price, looks & space of Cs is very attractive but confused on the longterm performance for TATAs review. Getz doesn't have milage but only have the looks and interiors. Issue with i20 is only its delivery time, now the waiting time is around 2 months. Looking for milage as I have to drive 40 kms everyday in metro city traffic. Performance of the car and looks. I dont like Swift's looks. Please suggest the best option for me.