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  1. there is an electrical warranty also by maruti which will be void if you cut ANY wires. you pose a risk getting electrical accessories fitted from outside. anyways also check if the battery would be able to take load of all that.
  2. there arent any gud options in this range. even i was looking for one in this budget but had to stretch by budget for honda city (8lacs). stretch a little & go for sx4 vxi. 6.5 lacs. worth it. nop other car gud enough
  3. u bet thats why i m going for honda. even though it charges a premium.
  4. find my response below 1. Pickup - fiat followed by swift - uva is underpowered 2. Resale value (after 3 years) - swift then uva - fiat will be the worst 3. Service/maintenance cost - swift then uva - fiat you will have trouble funding spares also 4. Average with AC in city traffic - shud be similar for all. 5. Ground clearance, especially in the rains - uva shud be the least my opinion buy the swift VXi. by the way - it is 1.3 not 1.2
  5. santro may be discontinued soon with PA coming in. else it is a gr8 car. if you want rear seat comfort forget the 2 marutis. there rear benh is cramped. dont know why they dont bother fopr that. even the sxx4 rear is cramped. spark is a gud option these days.
  6. new honda vtec comes with disc in rear. trip to the workshop should help you.
  7. it was slated for oct launch. shud come by end of this month of max by nov
  8. gio for CITY. although cedia makes gud sense but has not done well. city will meet all yoiur criterias of conmfort, ease of maintenance, economy etc dont even look at optra. it is not a drivers car,. its just spacious so if you ll be drive around considerr it. city will also hold its value the most.
  9. i dont think aveo is a very gud car. gearbox & engine is poor. fabia shud be much better & also offer skoda sturdy build quality. shud be worth the wait. except that it will be a hatch.
  10. i think you shud eliminate aveo. its engine & gearbiox sucks. & after driving honda you wont like it a bit. same is the problem with optra. buy the VTEC with abs airbags, etc
  11. none of the cars are comfy for 5 people. you have a budget of 4.5 lacs. go for SWIFT & nothing else.
  12. since you would keep the car for 8 years & not use it much go for petrol only. dont think of diesel at all.
  13. i have tried all three cars. dont buy verna petrol. it will loose its realse the fastes & have heard not giving good mileage also. that leaves sx4 & city. noone can beat HONDA. its more prestegious & a delight to drive. sx4 is only cheaper. honda will retain its resale also more. fule consumption of honda is way ahead of competioitn. only thing is they may change the model in late 2008. but that wont impact realse alos. the old city still sells with good resale. city has more luxurious interiors also than sx4. sx4 just cant match in terms of quality. also sx4 rear bench cannot seat three people comfortably. head rest too protruding. your head touches the sides of the car also. GO FOR CITY ONLY.
  14. get the engine checked. determine how long // kms you ll run it for it it wont break till then buy it. else look for something else maybe a used alto.
  15. why do you think so much discounts are being offered on spark & none on swift / sx4 / honda. reason being spark is a slow seller & the others are hot cakes. i wont put my money into something that is hard to move from the showroom. would say stick to something that sells. discounts look good initially but in the long run you ll discover that it wasnt worth it. ikon sells for less than 5 lacs. but how much is the resale value of a one day old car. gravity really shows on it.FuelRunGod2007-10-17 17:41:38
  16. well i use a zen santro & swift & do not agree with you. santro is more suitable for short drivers. i am 5'11" & my legs stick to the dash & the pedals position is also awkward so it pains on long drives. would not recommend a santro. look at a swift. have a test drive
  17. you can go for 175/70R13. these will give u gud grip.
  18. alik

    Skoda Fabia

    petrol could be 1.2 also to avail excise benefit & lower costs.
  19. both cars are gr8 value for money in current scenario since alot of disoc**t are being offered. buit both are getting discontued within 2-12 month time from now.
  20. HELLO - COMPANY GIVES 185/65R14 IN VXi. your configuration will shorten the tire height & adversely effect the car. i think it is best to stick to company given VXi size mentioned above by me.FuelRunGod2007-10-16 16:21:49
  21. i dont see any benefit. coz u get car serviced max at 10k kms. normal oils used by auth service centers also last pretty well for this period. i think they would come in handy in extreme conditions only which we do not face.
  22. sx4 is a gud option for 7.4 laxcs. you will need to inc your budget. skoda fabia is coming in jan08. shud have diesel engine & features required by you. shud be worth waiting for.
  23. your basis size is 175/70R13. i would say stick to these since they are good & broad enough. putting broader tires means that there could be chances of them touching the body of the car specially when loaded. u can also goo for 185/60R14 which would keep the total size same as original with larger rim size & slightly broader rubber.
  24. if you have the budget got for the swift. its the best. also good on highways with a safer drive. yes if you are learning buy an 800 for a few months for 50k or soemthing. dent it & sell it in the end at 5-10k lesser. that way you'll dent your new car lesser.
  25. i think its always better to put your money into something which sells & thus get good after sales support, resale value, etc logan has zero prestige. i would buy swift VXi for that price & probably upgrade to a bigger sedan when i can afford it. resale would also be better of the swift.