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  1. Dear All, I am planning to buy a premium hatch(have already got good response from all of you). However a though came to my mind, just need your valuable suggestions on it. I am almost going to invest 8 lacs for a premium hatch if i at all went for Jazz. Here is where my confusion started. Instead of investing 8 lacs, I thought I might stretch to 10 lacs and buy a Honda city AT with paddle shift. First of all, is this sedan good for its value? Feature wise its really not upto the mark. How is the comfort in this car(I havent taken a TD as yet)? How are the suspensions, aftersales etc etc. Regards, Amit
  2. Hi, I am looking to buy a good hatch with premium features and safety. I have shortlisted the cars as below( TOP END petrol variants only) 1. Ritz zxi 2. i20 asta 3. Jazz topend 4. Fabia 1.2 elegance I am not inclined to anyone as of now. I am looking for a good, comfortable, good suspensions, safe and fatigue free driving hatch. Pls help me in choosing one with your honest opinions highlighting all pros and cons of each. My driving would be around 1100 kms in city and 200-500 kms on highway per month
  3. Dear All, Just saw this site with lots of skoda stories. It seems now skoda has been hurt by the talks in forums. However instead of solving the A.S.S. problem, skoda is taking Indian customer for granted. Hope they treat Indian customer with 'Premium Respect'. Regards, Amit