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  1. Hi All, I want to buy a new car. This would be my first car. My budget is around 4 lakhs. I did a lot of research and found this community really helpful. My needs would be- a. Definitely good mileage. b. Am not a fast driver freak.But don't want my car to be like a bullock cart also. c. Don't want to go for cars like Santro, WagonR etc as i don't think they are more of a status symbol(I am not talking about status symbol like what a Honda City will provide but still a good enough car will do) I have zeroed in on these 3 cars and have some reservations and positive points also against them. 1. Indica Vista(Petrol)- I just love its look and all the features that it provides in this range. I would have gone for it with my eyes closed but just one thing stops me for going for it. The fact that its name is Indica and especially in NCR region people associate the name Indica with a Cab only. So that mark of a cab on indica is what making me think twice about it. 2. Fiat Palio(1.1 Petrol)- Love the cars look and shape. Have heard good reviews about its performance also. The bottleneck is its poor after sales service. Have heard that its pathetic and that's why again i have to think twice about it. 3. i10 (Era)- Because of the reservations about above mentioned 2 cars, i am looking at i10 also. It doesn't have the limitations of the above 2 cars(its not a cab and services of hyundai is good enough). But somehow i feel that its really a very small car and expensive for the features that it provides. I am really confused among these 3 cars. Please suggest your inputs. It would really be helpful