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  1. Thanks guys. this has been helpful. I'm more or less decided on the Altis now...though I have a nagging feeling that I might end up at the Hyundai dealer when I finally go out to make the purchase (heart still says Sonata!)
  2. Thanks Swift, speed. Other than the resale value, any feedback on the Sonata?
  3. I'm looking to buy the Altis or Civic or Sonata - can anybody please advise. Largely for city driving (self-driven), fuel economy not an issue, but maintenance (and spares) cost is. Looking for driving and ride comfort, good interiors and good build quality. I have test driven the Altis and the Sonata Transform - Sonata is a much better driver's car. But none of the Hyundai dealers in Delhi has a petrol Sonata for test drive and I'm looking only for a petrol. Anybody heard any adverse feedback on the petrol Sonata which might explain why it is not available at any of the dealers for a test? Also, any idea about resale value for each of these cars? Other than ground clearance, any other drawbacks to the Civic when compared to Altis (looking to buy the top-end variant for either)?