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    hoosausCili reacted to goenkakushal in Keeping Wind shield Streak free   
    As much as we all Love to drive in monsoon.... We also Loathe Streaks on Wind shield...
    and this story repeats every year..
    After lot of Search on the net I have learned that an Ammonia based glass cleaner along with Micro fibre cloth and steel wool is the answer to it.
    Now please help me find this ammonia based glass cleaner and steel wool , Micro fibre cloth is available in market..
    These products will actually polish the glass of you vehicle.. just like buffing and polishing your paint..
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    hoosausCili reacted to Richie Rich in VW Vento versus the new Honda Amaze   
    In this post, we will compare Honda Amaze with Volkswagen Vento.
    Mileage: The engine of Vento is the same as of the Polo. The gear shifts are claimed by the company to be smoother than ever before and going by the standards, the mileage which the diesel Vento offers is decent enough at 16 kmpl in the city and 20 kmpl on the highway.
    The mileage as I said is good, but in a country that puts fuel efficiency as one of the major deciding criteria, good is sometimes just not good enough. Here the German loses out to the latest weapon in the Honda arsenal; the i-DTEC engine providing almost, a jaw-dropping 25 kilometers per liter.
    Power: The highly powerful engine of Volkswagen Vento lays out an impressive power of 105 bhp at 5250 rpmand a thumping torque of 153 Nm at 3800 rpm for the petrol engine and 250 Nm at 1500-2500 rpm for the diesel engine.
    The power of Amaze, I mean, whom we are kidding, we are talking about Honda, what was the last time, someone complained about an engine from Honda. The i-DTEC is a modern marvel and the power of Amaze is Amazing. The diesel variant of Amaze brings out a power of an impressive 98.6bhp at 3600rpm. The car reaches 100 km/hr in a mere 13 seconds.
    The way we like it (Pros and Cons):
    Honda Amaze:
    Pros: Beautifully designed, economical, best in class mileage, elegant interiors.
    Cons: Base petrol variants lack the basic safety features such as ABS, EBD and airbags.
    Volkswagen Vento:
    Pros: Spacious, Sporty and Stylish look.
    Cons: A few added features should be there to set it apart from others in the segment.
    The Verdict: When Honda made up its mind to roll the first set of wheels of Amaze, it had few issues related to it. Firstly, the cap on the diesel engine for subsidies put by the Government of India, kept at a maximum of 1.5 liter of engine volume, while Honda has been dealing with the 1.6 liter engines. Secondly, its latest outing on a sub- 4 meter platform was Brio, a Hatchback and wasn’t a very overwhelming car. Thirdly, Honda hadn’t made a diesel engine before. But, when it launched Amaze finally, it raised a lot of customers waiting for the launch so as to grab one of these economic luxury vehicles.
    As a vehicle Honda Amaze is certainly ahead of its contemporaries. It definitely has something new to offer in terms of power, performance, looks and the price too.
    If I have to take a decision and the price of a car is the remotest of the parameters of my decision making structure, Honda Amaze would be the one, I would choose.
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    hoosausCili reacted to sibasis_FIAT in Hello all autocar members !   
    Dear Friends,
    I am Sibasis Das,
    a keen automobile enthusiast and a Mechanical engineer.
    Since childhood i have been exposed to truck garages and automobile workshops. I have seen British Leyland trucks, tiger trucks, bedfords and ofcourse our very own TATAs. But then I never knew them so closely. Though I have learnt a lot from those garages and that was the only inspiration that made me pursue Mechanical trade. I love collecting scale models of automobiles and vintage car restoration is one of my areas of interest.
    I hope through the Autocar forums I will be able to explore and give vent to my creativity and knowledge, also at the same time I will learn more and more about automobiles and their technologies
    Thank you