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  1. Thanks bluesapphire for guiding me on this. One more question to all who test drived Ritz/i10... How are there perfromance on highways ... if going on long trip?
  2. Humm... Still tough... Ritz is more spacious and looks big than i10. Also its a new entry (so have pros with new design and cons with lack of user feedback). I am afraid to purchase Ritz thinking that if it fails like A-STAR then the resale value for the car would certainly be low. Unfortunately maruthi sales man also doesnt knw many things about this car. This is additional to that I too want to purchase VFM car -. My plan is to use the new car for a year or two and than upgrade to a higher segment.
  3. Hi blueSapphire, Thanks for your detailed reviews. Its of great help for people like me whoc are totally confused in purchasing i10 or Ritz. I also took Ritz test drive. Few things which I didnt like are : 1. Car AC - it was too low even on full colling/fan. Probably bcoz of AC points designs. Not sure, if you or any one also experienced the same, please let me know. 2. Great car. Excellent front look but a bit confusing rear look . 3.Boot space seems to be less but with 60:40 seats folding, it shdnt be problem if considered as a normal family car. 4. There is a long obscturcion in going in/ coming out from rear seats. May be someone has mind it 5. I some how didnt find its pickup that great . The vehicle was not responding expectedly on 2nd or 3rd. 6. Bit pricy. I am getting i10 Mogna in 4 lakhs. Ritz is costing me 4.6 lacs on road in Delhi. Having said these, I agree with most of your comments. Now, please please can someone suggest me with proper reason why I should go for - 10 Magna (brick red)or Ritz Vxi (Choco, red or deep blue ?). Please help. Thnx