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  1. hi, i did experience the same, the ac was not that effective in ritz, i infact asked the sales person about it and u know he gave the same old pep talk.
  2. Hi blue sapphire, First of all let me appreciate ur honest review on ritz and i completely agree with u 100%. I took a test drive of both petrol and diesel ritz and found i 10 kappa is definitely a better bet than ritz. First of all the engine is quite in I 10 kappa and very much refined than ritz. One can experience this only by test driving both these cars back to back at the same time. I know ritz is a bigger car in terms of space but let me stop right there, in terms of comfort i did not find much difference between the two. NVH levels in I10 kappa is far better than ritz and the overall driving satisfaction is much better than ritz. I found both the petrol and diesel ritz had similar NVH levels, well it goes to say that the diesel is one of the best refined cars among other diesels but i cannot agree the same with the petrol. I just booked a i 10 kappa after test driving ritz. I feel i 10 KAPPA magna after dealer discounts is an excellent buy compared to ritz lxi which falls almost in that price range but without any of magnas features.