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  1. yes it was said specifically that the engine was a bit noisy than the swift,any way we need to actually hear the engine once its launched
  2. no way here the dealers are saying 4-5 weeks for the zxi and not even a single one to see either
  3. yesterday had been to two dealers forget about the test drive they did not even have any k Series swift vehicles in thier showroom for display either,when i asked them about the ZXI waiting period they said about 4-5 weeks.I saw some dezire being given delvery which were the older ones BSIII ones and not BSIV,it seems maruti is clearing thier older stock first before they actually start delivering BSIV ones.With so much of waiting i think i should wait for the Polo to arrive which may force maruti to reduce thier prices.
  4. Yes it does make one wonder why Maruti is not advertising of the Kseies Swift,what are they upto is all guess work to be done. Note from mod: Use capital letters where required. BornFree2010-02-05 10:39:56
  5. the forum was for Swift gets 1.2litre k series engine why dont u open a new post for it and dont waste others time
  6. yes you will not see the new swift before 2011.U can always check with diffrent dealers for the stock avaliability at times u can get certain colours in ready deliveries.CYRUS432010-02-04 09:16:38
  7. did u have a look at the music system does it have a usb port like the new sx4
  8. any one having how to calculate the best reg nos for your name and date of birth,the calclator is just not good
  9. Does any one have the method used in numerology to calcaute with the name and the date of birth? BornFree2010-01-31 11:22:18
  10. you should drive both the swift and dezire both and only then decide swift is more fun to drive and easy to handle than the dezire,i found the dezire not having the same kind of pickup as like the swift.
  11. swift is any day better than i20 in terms of milleage swift is the besttttt
  12. i booked as Swift ZXI expected delivery 3-4 weeks probably.
  13. I have booked a Swift ZXI i want to know how to calculate the registrtion number best suited for me as per my name,date of birth.Does any one know have a ready kind of reckoner to calcuate the registration number.
  14. no TD vehicle has arrived with any of the dealers.