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  1. Now, this aint right.You call a stupid person stupid and you end up getting a warning. Now wheres that quote I believe in Ah! here it is "Its foolish to argue with a fool.Hell drag you to ur level and beat u with XP"
  2. Now why does the warning counter says 1/3 on my profile??? What is that Ive done wrong?? Maybe Ill turn tempie for ACF. HeeHee a new tempie in the making. Ill be bashing the forum.
  3. Hey Doc nice to see you here.Synner, Max, Doc, Hawk all made it. But our other hangout is better.Me mostly there.
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  5. One thing, you didnt say "Hi" Come on be a good Mad Man.
  6. What about the TB500?? When is it getting launched??
  7. One advice to all rickshaw drivers :"RUN.....RUN as fast as you can"
  8. You have to see this guy on the podium.He just cant wait for the anthems to get over and have his Mumm.
  9. Change the GF. Check the bottom size first.
  10. Something KIMI should do too. Avoid Booze at all costs. Cheers!!
  11. Well but they dont seem to like you Max. To know why, read the blog!