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  1. Hello Good Folks @ Thanks for the last time's help on Car Selection. I have settled for Hyundai I-10 Automatic Asta with Sunroof. Need one help on rough estimates on the "On-Road Prices" I will be buying this myself (not via company), and be paying full cash (No Finance). Am staying in suburbs (Malad )so will be buying within Mumbai City Limits. Can you please let me know to what amt can i negotiate the price. Thanks in Advance.. Vijay
  2. Thanks Folks for your valuable inputs. Seems like i will settle for i10 Automatic..( will save some $ also) This was the first time i used a forum, and the experience has really been very good. Keep up the good work..
  3. Thanks Folks. Somehow Hyundai doesnt seem to appeal. Is Honda Jazz planning for AT Version in India. ?
  4. Hi All, Can you please let me know which is a good car with AT, Budget 6-7 Lacs. Woule be using it for about 50 Km daily. Thanks and have a Great Day. Vijay