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  1. i20 is the car for you. I am surprised that these days, potential buyers dont put "looks and styling" as a criteria. They all look at FE, leg space, boot space, even resale value but forget looks and styling. I personally thing that i20 is the best looking hatch in India right now. Both interiors and exteriors are excellent. Even i thought that i20 is under powered but once i test drove it, my doubts were cleared. It has good enough power to be driven in the city or the highway. Its loaded with features. If you have the money, then go for the Asta model as ABS does come handy in rainy conditions, plus it has fog lamps,alloys and climate control along with many other features. I am too keen on buying one by the end of this year. Good Luck !!!!
  2. I like the Fiat Linea personally but Fiat stands no where near to Hyundai when it comes to after sales service. Hyundai is cheaper to maintain and after sales servicing is best. Go for Verna automatic as it will ease your driving.
  3. Hi ! First of all, i should tell you that you have made a good choice. I really like the i20 and will be buying one by year end. I just test drove the car a week back and even in Delhi that waiting period is for 50-55 days. So, just relax, the story is the same everywhere. Good Luck !