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  1. Nice short snapshot of your purchase. You tyres look jet black, do you apply any kind of gel/foam to them..or are they just washed ?
  2. Nice review there Harsh.Congrats for your new Figo and welcome to the club! Awaiting the pics
  3. About surgical spirit/isopropyl alcohol(IA) : Used it successfully to remove couple of sticky spots quickly.But removing the tar wasn't very easy and quick.Patience was required to soak each tar spot with IA for a min and then wipe out. Apart from removing tar/sticky spots, the clean areas also became "shiny".
  4. Finished waxing the top and the entire right-side of my figo with collinite 845.The bonnet and left side was warm to touch so didn't wax it yet- planning to do it later in the evening.Some pics of the rain-water beading on the roof. Image 1: Finished waxing the top and the entire right-side of my figo with collinite 845.The bonnet and left side was warm to touch so didn't wax it yet- planning to do it later in the evening.Some pics of the rain-water beading on the roof. Image 2: Image 3:
  5. Has anyone tried using isopropyl-alcohol aka surgical-spirit aka rubbing-alcohol to clean the carspaints surface of impurities before putting on the wax? I read it can be used this way, would like to know if anyone tried it and how was the end result? I got my collinite 845 delivered and would be trying it on my figo this sunday (if it doesnt rain!) -Sandeep
  6. Did the first-service of my Figo TDCi on tuesday this week.Some things worth sharing about it: Odo:2850kms Before service FE: City 12(5 ppl)-14kmpl(2 ppl) & highway 17.5(2ppl)-19.5(5ppl)kmpl -About the service station: Bhavana Ford, Nerul,Navi Mumbai..Its difficult to say that these guys are good or bad at serving.They got some things right(like rectifying the water leaking inside from the left-rear C-pillar, in first attempt), but were terrible with their disorganised, and disoriented front-desk. So it was like an OK experience. -Things changed : Oil,Oil filter,gasket -Consumables bill: Rs.1247 - After service there has been a very positive and noticable difference in the engine smoothnes,the NVH levels and pickup.For the entire drive after the first service I couldn't stop smiling.It was nice, and it still is!The gear shift has also become better and precise ,but wondering because of what change? I was happy with the FE figures that I got before the first will be happier if it increases even by 1kmpl now Cheers, Sandeep
  7. I noticed that the tyres were at 29psi front and 35psi rear, when the recommemded is 25psi-front and 32psi ..I used to get it refilled at local tyrewallah. This time I filled the air myself at HP petrolpump when I realised this . The grip levels have increased to a good extent in wet with correct tyre pressure now.Really embarassed I am
  8. @rahulgupta3101 Thanks man, no i've not done the first service..completed 2100kms till now. @anuprav : I haven't faced such problem with handbrake even with 4 people aboard.You might want to get yours checked by Ford. Is the rear seat-belt problem I wrote about common for other cars too?
  9. Just came back from a trip to Pune..5 people,100% AC, 330kms, 95:05::highway:city, 35psi on all 4 tyres, Speed between 70-95kmph. Some observations from the trip: -with 5 people aboard the ground clearance becomes quite less and the car looks "burdened" from rear side.The underbody got thumped a couple of times on big speed breakers(it hurts!) -Ride was a little stiff -Handling was perfect -Braking downhill was not impressive- had to downshift to 3rd/4th gear to control speed. -Tyres very noisy on Mum-Pune expressway -Car pulls nicely on highways with 5 people.Overtaking was easy. -Rear passengers were comfortable the entire journey only sore point being the seat belts, which run over their necks rather than shoulders! :-O -For me, the driving was fun , comfortable and without any fatigue..Would have done with a better neck support though. -Got FE of 17.3kmpl.
  10. @dr_nishu : Am not worried about the appearance.I am concerned more about any possibility of the body catching any rust due to the scratches.. I should have been clearer with my question. Let me rephrase : Is the car body at risk of catching rust due to body scratches?From what I could tell the silver primer is visible at scratched areas. P.S: Mumbai has very humid climate and every other exposed metal portion(of anything, not just cars) catches rust ever so quickly.
  11. Checked a review for zapper Y here There's a common view there that zappers don't give good grip on gravel/wet conditions..I'm confused.. MRF website suggests zapper C for passion plus, wonder how effective will that be as compared to the Y variant in wet!
  12. Got two painful scratches on my Figo..Was waiting at signal when a bike wallah came from side trying to squeeze past my car and the adjacent one, and scraped his metal ****ey to the rear-left wheel arch.Its around an inch and half thin scratch. Second one my mistake , and a big one, while taking reverse lost perspect of the left side and the left-front door brushed badly on the footpath..This ones a big..around 4inches Its monsoon here and Im really concerned..Do I need to rush to the dealer to fix the scratches immediately? Any idea how much damage I've done to my pocket?
  13. They have clocked 19k and are 4 years old stock Dunlops. Problem with them is they have a tendency to skid over the road markers and over any slight uneven surface. The treads are pretty much in place but the grip level is very dicey..why is this? because of hard compound? I would love to put the Zappers..any idea how much do they cost?