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  1. The prices from team-bhp 1.2 Active Petrol: 4.38 lacs 1.4 Dynamic Petrol: 4.71 lacs 1.4 Dynamic + Petrol: 4.99 lacs 1.4 Emotion Petrol: 5.14 lacs 1.4 Emotion + Petrol: 5.35 lacs 1.3 Active Diesel: 5.05 lacs 1.3 Dynamic Diesel: 5.2 lacs 1.3 Dynamic + Diesel: 5.53 lacs 1.3 Emotion Diesel: 5.75 lacs 1.3 Emotion + Diesel: 5.99 lacs There is no dynamic + version if diesel emotion + 5.75 it will be good. should not cross 6.5 L on road price of top end model.
  2. Yester i was seen punto at dealer place emotion pack. Looking not good enough as like I20. I felt it is giving impression like old car. like a getz ( I felt outdated model ) I had book test drive once launch, I have to power / gear ratio in city traffic. I am looking emotion 1.3 MJD pack arround 6.5L on road price.
  3. i have seen two days back sundaram honda. Car looks cute and dashboard is excellent. Very good boot vlume. everything is ok but what price......?
  4. tunnu

    Petrol v Diesel

    Same thing I thought when i was taken my santro, i was estimated monthly arround 600 km to 700 km.... but my reading is now 20 months 38500 km. As per this i am looking for good fine tuned engine of diesel. I found fiat is having excellent disel engines with on low rpm high torque which is help me for city driving and overtaking.... still i felt go with deisel having low maintanance and fine tuned engines..
  5. The suspension is very good for fiat. I am looking for power gear ratios are good enough or not. I think looking is not good enough as like i20..... Success behind on features, price & service... Faith on FIAT they will wake early and make people confidence...?
  6. Punto i am waiting for Emotion Pk 1.3 VGT......
  7. yes I thought verna 1.5 CRDI, this is excellent in perfermance. Hyundai may face out the verna afte launching I30........ I am looking fresh engines and very fine tuned to meet EURO IV norms..
  8. RITZ is no more comparative with I20 and JAZZ... RITZ is rool out of competetion it is looking ugly. Ergonomics features Interiors Exteriors and performance it won't comparative.. Better include swift.........?
  9. I am looking for vehicle I20 1.4 CRDI with 89 bhp 220 Nm torque ASTA. Punto 1.3 VGT 86 bhp 203 Nm torque Emotion. Linea 1.6 VGT with 120 bhp 306 Nm torque Emotion. Linea 1.6 VGT with 105 bhp 290 Nm torque Emotion. Ford New Fiesta 1.6 TDCI I30 1.6 CRDI SX4 1.6 DDIS Please sugget me witch one is better presently i have santro limited edition. I can wait max 3 to 6 months.
  10. Maruthi might think swift waiting people can possibly shifted to RITZ. I don't think so it won't workout for them.
  11. Why maruthi is launching RITZ. It looks odd on back. They are putting price near equal swift. It is going to another estilo..........
  12. I had done test drive recently arround 10 km linea 1.3 mjd. Trims are not built that quality. cheap plastics. Throtle more required 1st and 2nd gear it moves very slowly. VGT is not applying at lower rpm. I thought its underpower same as ford fiesta. same day i was done test drive I20 1.2 Kappa. gear shifting is very smooth. It pulls more than comfortable linea. Still this one is also underpower. Back seats are not comfort. Driver position is not comfortable dash board touching legs. They have not done ergonamics properly. Actually i am waiting for I20 diesel and Punto mjd. Fiat has to take good gearbox and 1.3 VGT may be possible compete I20. Othervise it is very difficult sustain.