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  1. Do you people know that the sweets we eat are deorated with very very thin silver layers which are made from silver sheets being beaten on animal hides. So those of you who are really concious should stop eating sweets decorated with silver layers( Chandi ka vark )
  2. Racing kits are for in circuit use only. I guess it makes a lot of sound after fitting the kit. So i think they cannot be used on road.
  3. Car looks great, i like the interior and the shape of the car looks good.
  4. I have read the article on the internet about prices. Lets see what will be the final prices.
  5. Harley bikes will carry a price tag of Rs 4 lacs to Rs 14 lacs. Do you people think Indian riders would buy at these prices ?
  6. I think Ninja will be much more expensive than R15. What are the new and extra features that R15 has that 220 does not have ?
  7. Guys i am planning to buy a new bike. I like Yamaha R15 and Pulsar 220. Please suggest which is better of the two. I own Yamaha RX100 and Yamaha RXZ currently and i want to add another bike to my garage. Please post your suggestions.
  8. Small 4 inch speakers will cost you around Rs 900 to Rs 1000. These are usually for front doors or dashboard. 6 inch round speakers would cost you around Rs 1500 to Rs 2000 and higher range starts from Rs 3000 and above which are 8 inches oval speakers.This is what i can suggest, let us know your budget and lot of other experts here will help you out. Check out these speakers in pioneer , sony and blaupunkt.
  9. Thats right windshield films are for heat resistance only and they do not cause any visibility problems during night driving.They are transparent type of films.
  10. Please do post the pics and comments if you get it done from them.
  11. Your car looks very good. Are your seat covers real leather or art leather covers ? Garware films are in the range of 1200 and up and Llumar ranges starts from 1800. I got these quotes from the shops here in Kolkata. Garware is the cheapest while others like 3m and Llumar are more expensive than it. I am not sure what specifications i am being offered at these prices.
  12. check out the website you will find the contact info and designs also.
  13. Is anybody using Llumar sunfims ? How are they ? I have leather seats in my car and i have to park my car a lot in open spaces in direct sunlight so the the inside of the car and the seats get very hot. So i have to put the sunfilms on the glasses. Please suggest the best.
  14. FRG, i don't have anything against Mclaren, you can see what he is doing , i don't want to say anything. I have just replied to his posts. He is making false allegations against me what can i do, i have to defend myself. If he wants to speak out , he is free to do so , but not against me. Please ask him to stop all this stuff. In his last post again he has started to do it. Please ask him to stop it.
  15. As per FRG you are Mclaren only. So Mclaren or Csingh if you want to know prices contact Ryder not me. You can find the info on their website -