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    Hakybrala reacted to F30 in Spy Pics: Mercedes GLA spotted testing   
    After the Shanghai debut pics i am kinda disappointed with these test mules majorly because of their stance.
    Look more like a hatch than a baby SUV. (Note the height comparo with the Camry)
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    Hakybrala reacted to FuelRunGod in Forum Functions Explained(Must Read)   
    Here is a brief guide which explains the basic functions and features of the Autocar India Forum.

    Active Topics
    You can view the latest topics which are in discussion by clicking on the Active Topics link located under the main header on the main page. After clicking on the active topics link, you can choose to view active topics based on a timeline which means that you can choose to view topics which have been active in the last hour, two hours and so on. Alternatively you can scroll to the bottom of the main page to view a rolling list of the latest topics.
    Posting New Topic/Poll
    You can find the New Topic & New Poll button at the bottom right corner of each index page of every category. However, users with a Learner License can not post in the market place section. They acquire that right once they cross 50 posts and acquire an Intermediate License.
    Posting Pictures
    You can use services like imageshack.us to post pictures on the forum. Kindly use thumbnails as not all users have broadband.
    1. Go to imageshack.us.
    2. Use the browse button to select the photo.
    3. Check option to resize, use resize 320x240(for websites and email)
    4. Click on Upload.
    5. After uploading, you will get a set of links. Use the last link - Direct Link To Image.
    6. Copy the link and paste in your post with the tag.
    7. It should be entered as follows (remove the space in img and **) [ img ]**Direct Link To Image From Imageshack**[ /img ] 
    Contact Us
    In case you are facing issues with the forum. Feel free to mail us at forum@autocarindia.com and we will be glad to assist you.
    Best regards,
    Autocar India Forum SupportFuelRunGod2009-03-28 14:21:44