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  1. FRG Mclaren is used to accusing people without having knowlege or info about it. He is accusing RYDER about which is complete UNTRUE.He thinks everyone is like him and does what he is doing. He kept on accusing SHAHID that ASH is also his ID whereas ASH is my ID and I am from Mumbai and I have personally used RYDER covers. As you pointed that Mclaren is using multiple ID and he has acuused me also that ASh is SHAHID's ID I request you to BLOCK N BAN Mclaren from this forum please.
  2. FRG I am all for customer education. but Mclaren was critising that a perticular brand RYDER is selling cheap because it is using Indian Leather to which I refuted that I have personally seen what RYDER is using and it is certainly not INDIAN leather then he was about that it is using furniture leather to which I said that STANLEY was using the same leather for years and charging a bomb till the customer had a choice (IS THIS NOT CUSTOMER EDUCATION) AUTOMIVE leather is very high specification and for MClaren info different car makers have diffrent automotive specification all over the world and it all depends on HOW MUCH YOU ARE WILLING TO SHELL OUT!!!!. RYDER and other companies are very clear that they are using AFTER MARKET AUTOMOTIVE LEATHER which has certain specifications but not as high as automotive specificatyions. Then is is for the customer to decide what he wants???? Major car makers also do AFTER MARKET COVERS and they also use the same AFTER MARKET LEATHER for these covers. I feel companies like RYDER have brought customer VALUE for MONEY and CHOICE and there is nothing wrong in people like me and SHAHID who are Ryder customers to inform people about it. I suggest if Mclaren wants to promote STANLEY he should bring out the good points about STANLEy rather than critisizing other companiesFuelRunGod2009-09-27 21:23:07
  3. Cariyer You can get the seat cover from RYDER in mumbai contact details are on there website www.ryderleather.com. They can send you the seat cover by courier and then you can get it fixed by any good accessory shop which has experience in leather seat cover fitting.
  4. Mclaren and Shahid Please do not get personal on this forum. Mclaren Please do not comment on someone if you do not have full knowlege about that company. You cannot assume that somebody is using Indian Leather if you have nort seen it IT IS WRONG and UNETHICAL on your part. As I told you that I am sure as I have seen it myself that RYDER uses imported ITALIAN leather. First you said that if RYDER is selling cheap than it must be using Indian Leather then you started a new discussion that even if it is imported than it must be SOFA LEATHER. First make up ypur mind what line you want to duiscuss. Shahid is right that automotive leather is expensive. Nobody is chaeting here all the companies you mentioned clearly mention that they use AFTERMARKET leather for CAR SEATING. RYDER gives 3 year warranty on covers so I feel it is very fair. I strongly feel that you represent STANLEY and I would like to point out that for the same leather that now you are calling BAD was used by STANLEY for years and STANLEY charged a BOMB for the same now the customer has choice and STANLEY cannot do what it has done for years LOOTED people and made windfall profits. Now customer has choice to go for quality at reasonable and just prices thanks to companies like RYDER so please appreciate companies like RYDER and do not spread rumours that they use INDIAN LEATHER , SOFA LEATHER ETC.
  5. Mclaren I can vouch for RYDER using imported leather. I have seen the leather pieces myself they are all 55sf and above it cannot be Indian. Stanley classic range is also 0.9/1.0 mm. Aftermarket upholstery leather is 0.9/1.0 mm only. OEM leather is generally 1.1/1.3 mm. Stanley SATIN is 1.1/1.3 mm but that is very expensive. What ryder is using is aftermarket ITALIAN leather and tgey have 22 colours in ready stock with them I have seen this myself so I am very sure about it. I know a bit about leather so nobody can fool me to pass Indian leather as imported
  6. ANIJOG: This was the situation years back. Now the technology is there to teat the leather for any colour and still keep the breathing characteristics. I am talking about Leather specially made for automotive interiors (ie Imported Italian Leather) used by all major car brands. This leather does not chip and easily lasts for a minimum 5 years. The leather used by STANLEy for aftermarket seat cover is one eg and I know of a company RYDER LEATHER UPHOLSTERY in mumbai who uses only genuine Italian Leather for seat covers.
  7. 5u3zer0 If the fitting is being done at Ryder workshop then they remove the original cover and fix the cover like OEM fitting. If the customer if from out of town they give a fitting that can be fixed over the existing (ORIGINAL) OEM cover.
  8. I disagree with anijog. Lethare is a natural product and it doed not heat up like say PVC or PU. Infact its the other way round in the summers the leather gives a comfortable feel. Good quality leather meant for automobile seating does not get damaged due to heat as it is tested and treated as per international standards. It is very practical to have leather seats as they last longer than PV PVY or cloth materials eats.
  9. which brand to go for??? Neels has answered all your queries in a very comprehensive way so I would just like to add to your question for brand. STANLEY offcourse is good but there is one manufacturer RYDER LEATHER UPHOLSTERY from Mumbai who are as good as stanley at much cheaper price You can get a quote from them directly and get the cover fixed from anr dealer in Ahmedabad. The quality of leather and fit is excellent and I have tried them for my SWIFT and Safari. You can visit there website www.ryderleather.com and get in touch with them